Follow Up: So Called “Experts” vs. UNC Basketball Media Hate Part II


Follow Up: Media Hate.  For Part I click HERE

That’s right Heels fans we all know UNC has its’ fair share of HATERS out there.  Thanks to my column last week you know that many of them are in the media. When it comes to this years team the media has just said screw being subtle. They have instead decided to go the route of passing out UNC Haterade as quick as they can whether it be in the polls or on the air. If your like me you ask yourself “how does this guy get an AP ballot?” or “does this guy really get paid to know this little about basketball?” UNC fans lately can’t turn to any decent sports channel and hear anything about UNC that doesn’t involve and blowout loss to Florida State (which was a month ago) or how UNC’s D just isn’t good. Bottom line there are plenty of media members who don’t allow UNC to operate on the same level as every other team in basketball.

We all had to suffer through Len Elmore calling the Maryland game which was terrible. We all have to hear Doug Gottlieb (who apparently doesn’t like Roy very much) and Tim Brando speak on this UNC team like they have never watched a basketball
game. As UNC fans however we have come to expect it, it is part of being awesome, sometimes though it just goes from normal hatred to flat out stupidity. If you follow me on twitter (@ncbenwilliams) you would certainly know that my biggest beef is with this
weeks biggest idiot Seth Davis. For a long time I thought Seth was OK and knew a little about basketball. That apparently isn’t the case.

Seth Davis has come out with his AP ballot for this week. It is an atrocity for two reasons. Seth Davis gets paid a ton of money to know about CBB and two Seth Davis has the Heels ranked behind Baylor and Kansas. Baylor is possibly debatable (even
though I don’t think it really is) so we will skip that and move to Kansas. A five loss Kansas team over UNC???? (5 other voters actually agreed with Seth and one guy has the Heels ranked a spot lower) I FEEL LIKE I AM TAKING CRAZY PILLS. What makes it even worse is how Davis has laid out the rest of his ballot. If you look at this ballot he has UK ranked #1, FSU ranked #10, and UNLV #11. Those three teams are UNC three losses all on the road (yes playing UNLV in Vegas is on the road just like GT in the Hawks arena is at GT). By Seth’s ballot Kansas has road loses to #4 Mizzou and unranked Iowa State, they have neutral site loses to #15 Duke, #1 Kentucky and a home loss (though not at the Phog) to unranked DAVIDSON. By your math, my math or anyone’s math that doesn’t equal a better team than a UNC team with three top 11 road loses.

So Seth Davis officially swiped his Idiot Tar Heel Hating Card this week. Yes I have now made that a real thing and I will hand out Idiot Tar Heel Hating Cards when I see fit. When you look at the losses plus the rosters it becomes even more clear how
stupid it is to put Kansas ahead of UNC. Kansas has two players that would play for UNC (Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor). I am not sure either would start that is debatable, Robinson probably would, but the rosters just don’t match up. So Heels fans yet another example of blatant Heel hate from the media. Yes it gets old and that is why I feel I should take it upon myself to point it out. These guys who make way too much money get way to much of a pass when they clearly aren’t doing their job well or even
making an effort to sound like informed analysts of the game. Finally, if you need me to hand out any more Idiot Tar Heel Hating Cards just let me know on twitter, I have a whole stack ready to go.