UNC Basketball Recruiting: The Nerlens Noel Debate

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The Curious Case of Nerlens Noel: In this feature I will debate the case of Noel with Founding Editor Matt, here’s my argument for Noel in Carolina.  Catch Matt’s case on page 2.

Ok Matt here we go.

I am going to start by quickly explaining why UNC is the perfect fit for Norlens Noel. After that I will get to the part why Noel is the perfect fit in the 2012 class for UNC.

First off UNC presents the ultra talented Norlens Noel a PERFECT opportunity with UNC’s system that focuses on big men and gets up and down the court. Noel could step right in a be a starter for the Heels next year. Depending on John Henson’s decision UNC would have a starting tandem of Henson-Noel or Noel-McAdoo. Noel’s re-classification to 2012 makes him the instant #1 player in the class which is saying a ton considering the talent Shabazz Muhammed has. The fact he is a big man and UNC’s current situation Noel couldn’t land in a better place for him to present his talents
to the basketball world for the one year he will spend in a college setting.

Now to what we really care about why UNC NEEDS Norlens Noel in the worst way. One thing I want to get straight before I get into it, I in no way shape or form, want UNC to become the NBA D-League team, full of one and done players that resides in Lexington Kentucky. With that said UNC needs Noel for one year and they need him BAD. First consider that because he is one and done he doesn’t affect the recruitment of UNC’s most important recruit since Harrison Barnes in the ultra talented Julius Randle. Then consider Roy missed on almost every elite big man recruit he went after in the 2012 cycle. Yes he was able to land Brice Johnson and Joel James but both were way down the recruiting board when the recruiting cycle began. That said I love what both bring to the table (Brice Johnson looks more D1 ready right now) but if either one is starting for UNC next year we as UNC fans would have to temper our expectations of the 2013 version of the Heels.

Norlens Noel is just what the doctor ordered. UNC needs an instant impact big in the worst way, UNC will lose Tyler Zeller and could possible say goodbye to John Henson and Harrison Barnes. That is a ton of talent to lose especially on the front line and UNC needs to replace elite talent with elite talent. There hasn’t been a better defensive recruit since Greg Oden and it is my belief Noel is even better. Even if Harrison Barnes and John Henson depart for the NBA with Noel in the fold UNC would still be a title contender. DID YOU READ WHAT I JUST WROTE?!? Even if Harrison Barnes and John Henson depart for the NBA with Noel in the fold UNC would still be a TITLE CONTENDER. Noel is also more developed on the offensive end then people give him credit for but with the wing players UNC has he doesn’t need to be. He just needs to run the floor and swat shots and he does both those things better than any HS player I have seen in 10 years or more. Though it may be a long shot the thought of John Henson on the same court as Noel has already scared 99.9% of the college basketball world (including The Rat) to do all it can to keep Noel out of Chapel Hill. If you want the best for UNC next year then there is no true debate Nerlens Noel could be the six foot eleven inch tall seven foot 5 inch wing span piece to the back to back National Championship puzzle that we all dream of.

Up next, Founding Editor Matt brings the other side of the Noel Debate