2012 NFL Mock Draft Second Round Featuring the Tar Heel Inside Scoop

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TAR HEELS INSIDE SCOOP: During his four year NCAA Football career, Brown established himself as a versatile defensive player with exceptional speed. He also features good size for his position (at 6ft 2in, 203lbs) and a good nose for the football. Brown is a player who should become a solid tackler during his career, and who also may be able to use his speed to pressure opposing quarterbacks. In the right system Brown my very well make a name for himself in the NFL.

37. Cleveland Browns LaMichael James, Running Back, Oregon
If the Cleveland Browns hold true to my predictions, the team will be primed with one of the most explosive offensive units in the league. The potential additions of RG3 and LaMichael James could take a Brown’s offense that has been notably mediocre over the last several years, to the point where they can be an asset. The addition of James in particular would also help solve the problem with current running back Peyton Hillis as well.

38. Jacksonville Jaguars Keith Tandy, Cornerback, West Virginia
The Jaguars are a team that has enjoyed the luxury of a lockdown cornerback in Rashean Mathis for the past several seasons. However, with age having set in on Mathis, the team is once again looking for a defensive back to sure up their secondary for the future. Keith Tandy has the potential to be that player.