2012 NFL Mock Draft featuring the Tar Heel Inside Scoop

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31. New England Patriots:            Dwight Jones, Wide Receiver, UNC
Assuming that the team chose to go defense with their first pick in the draft, I believe that the team will likely look to add to their offensive firepower with the second. While the team does have an array weapons for quarterback Tom Brady to take advantage of, a player like Dwight Jones would give the team the deep threat they have lacked since Randy Moss’ department. While there are several other directions that New England could go with the 30th pick, I believe that they will look to improve on their biggest strength as they prepare for another playoff run next season.

TAR HEELS INSIDE SCOOP: During his four year career with the Tar Heels, Dwight Jones was nothing less than spectacular. While the bar for wide receivers out of UNC was set extremely high by the likes of Hakeem Nicks and Greg Little, he has lived up to the high standards. Jones has the perfect combination of size (6ft 4in, 225lbs) and speed to make him a prospect with potential to dominate at the NFL level. After a putting up 67 receptions for 1,396 yards and 12 touchdowns during his 2011 senior season, Jones clearly has a seemingly limitless amount of upside as a receiver.

32. New York Giants:             Don’t’a Hightower, Linebacker, Alabama
While the Giants would benefit from adding an offensive lineman to help bolster their run game, the line backing corps was their biggest need during the 2011 season. While the team could gamble on a player with huge upside like LB Zach Brown out of UNC, I believe that they will go with a safer selection in Dont’a Hightower. Hightower was a force for the Crimson Tide last season and showed his ability to play at a consistently high level on a week to week basis.

Extra Information:
TAR HEELS INSIDE SCOOP: While he is not in the initial Mock Draft, UNC linebacker Zach Brown is also a possible candidate as a first round selection. During his four year NCAA Football career, Brown established himself as a versatile defensive player with exceptional speed. He also features good size for his position (at 6ft 2in, 203lbs) and a good nose for the football. With so many teams in need of depth at the line backing position, Zach could very well work his way into the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.