2012 NFL Mock Draft featuring the Tar Heel Inside Scoop

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21. Cincinnati Bengals:            Lamar Miller, Running Back, Miami (Fla.)
Considering that the Bengals are projected to go after a defensive player with their first pick, I believe that they will go after an offensive weapon with their second. While Cedric Benson has been solid since his arrival in Cincinnati, his contract ended at the end of the 2011 season. Even if the team chooses to resign him, the Bengals could still benefit from a tandem running back system that included both Benson and Miller.

22. Cleveland Browns (from Atl):    Kendall Wright, Wide Receiver, Baylor
Not only would adding Kendall Wright help sure up a notably weak receiving corps but, assuming my earlier projections hold true, it would give him the opportunity to reunite with his Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

23. Detroit Lions:                 Alfonzo Dennard, Cornerback, Nebraska
The Detroit Lions performed very well last season, and were able to break their postseason drought. Due to the fact that their offense preformed at such a high level, it seems as though the Lions will look to improve their defense. Due to the fact that their secondary was their most notable weakness, I believe that the team will look to add Alfonzo Dennard in order to sure up their coverage.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers:            Cordy Glenn, Offensive Guard, Georgia
While there is some speculation that the Steelers will look to improve their defense via the draft, there offense line has been their biggest weakness. It looks as though the team will lead toward adding a player to help fix this problem. In this case, I believe that player will be Cordy Glenn, however, OG Kelechi Osemele out of Iowa State may also be a possibility.

25. Denver Broncos:            Dontari Poe, Defensive Tackle, Memphis
After their miraculous 2011 season, the Broncos will look to add the necessary talent to make another postseason run in 2012. It would make sense for the team to target a tight end to act as a security blanket for quarterback Tim Tebow (who in this case would be Dwayne Allen out of Clemson). However, considering head coach John Fox’s refusal to add a tight end to the roster during his longtime tenure with the Carolina Panthers, it seems more likely that the defensive minded coach will look for a player like Dontari Poe to help sure up the defense.