Duke Blue Devils Can’t Even Get Students To Attend Games


Well it looks like even students at Duke are starting to realize what Tar Heel nation and the rest of the world has known for quite sometime now.  Quite simply, Duke is puke.  For years Duke has prided itself on it’s “Cameron Crazies” a stable of obviously drunken, stupid fans, whom have a history of making the opponent uncomfortable.  Blue Devil fans have made me sick for years, not just because they are Duke fans (although that’s bad enough in itself).  But because of some of the awful things they have chanted at opposing players over the years (that I refuse to dignify by quoting here).

According to dukechronical.com the attendance problem is nothing new.  In fact, Section 17, reserved for Duke students, which was once an institution has been in decline for at least five years.  The student section which once packed entirely with 1,200 Duke students has fallen off so dramatically the University has been forced to sell the tickets to the general public.

After the jump more on Duke’s embarrassing attendance problem and some idiotic comments made by Duke officials

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This year the attendance in Section 17 is down to an avg of 650 students which leaves about 46% empty.  That’s down from an average of 800 students in the 2008-09 season.  The result, Duke is selling more and more general admission tickets to the public in what is quickly becoming Duke’s former student section.  In fact, last season, Duke sold a large number of these tickets to the public for every single home game with the exceptions being when Michigan State and of course the North Carolina Tar Heels came to town.

Listen to these moronic Duke officials, try and explain themselves and make excuses, for why their students, don’t seem nearly as interested in attending basketball games as they have historically.

"“It has nothing to do with the revenue. We just want it to be full,” Director of Marketing and Relations Mike Forman said. “If there were 1,200 students every game we would love it.”  What he’s really saying is: These are primo seats and since our students do not want to attend we need to sell them."

"“It does take a lot to go to K-Ville and wait outside, sometimes in the cold and in the rain, and then go into Cameron where you have to stand and jump up and down,” co-head line monitor Ellie Garrett said. “Students need to realize that going to Cameron is… an awesome experience.” What he’s really saying is: This is the best excuse we could come up for why this is happening.  COME ON Duke!  Kids wait in blizzards in the freezing rain for tickets at Universities all around the country."

"“The enthusiasm hasn’t been there,” Forman said. “[Head coach Mike Krzyzewski] has had to drum up enthusiasm himself, which he shouldn’t have to do. The students should be doing that themselves… whether 500 or 1,200 of them are there.” What he’s really saying is: Duke is such a horrible program we criticize our fans all the time.  Great strategy guys!  I’m sure tons of students will run to watch your games now!"

"“The rumor we’ve had to deal with over the past couple years is that it’s hard to get into games, and if you show up half an hour before tipoff you won’t get in,” Garrett said. “We’ve been trying really hard… to really debunk those rumors because they’re simply not true.” What he’s really saying is: We started that rumor ourselves and it didn’t work, now we’re in back peddle mode."

Personally, I wonder how long it’s going to be before Duke students realize a few things.  Not only is your basketball program run by a POS that looks like Pee-Wee Herman.  But your football program is so bad it should just fold and your school is way too overpriced.  On the other hand, UNC enjoys a packed house at the Dean Smith Center regardless of who we’re playing.  And the University is ranked among the best buys in the nation as far as academics.  Another day, another reason to be proud I’m a Tar Heel.

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