Michael Jordan Admits Bobcats Going Nowhere Fast


According to an inside Charlotte Bobcats team source owner Michael Jordan has admitted the blatantly obvious.  His Bobcats, are going nowhere fast.  In what was supposed to be a secret meeting between Jordan, his top advisers and coach Paul Silas.  The source indicated a wide variety of things that were discussed in this not so secret meeting.  One was that Jordan, the Cats owner for just four years, is already looking to unload up to half the team to new investors, this after the team lost a reported $20 million.

The source also revealed, that the previously optimistic Jordan, is starting to admit, things look glum on the court for Charlotte.  Jordan used to contend that the Bobcats could contend for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference this season.  Something he has reportedly backed down from:

"“I’m not waiting until next year. I think we have a good quality basketball team this year.’’"

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The rest of the story after the break. Plus some MJ Bobcat videos

I’m guessing MJ just wasn’t ready to admit it yet or he forgot his team was fielding these players. Gerald Henderson, Boris Diaw, Tyrus Thomas, Desagna Diop and DJ Augustine. Either way, hopefully Michael has figured out, at least by now, that this team, sucks. The starting lineup looks like a decent bench rotation for most teams. I don’t see one quality starter among the group, maybe not even a quality sixth man in this bunch. I don’t blame Jordan for dumping Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson, Kwame Brown and others when the team wasn’t going anywhere with them anyway. For Michael to ever succeed as a owner/personnel man, his team needs to draft and develop better.

If he ever believed they were a playoff contender, these comments sure indicate he doesn’t anymore.

"“Michael understands where we are and what this season is all about, and that’s rebuilding,’’ said a team official. “He has a real good idea of where we stand.”"

A better product on the court, will produce a better product at the ticket office and MJ can start making money instead of losing it from his awful team. Until then, if I were losing that kind of money with a name like Mike’s. I’d re-name the stadium the Air Jordan center. I’d open a huge Nike/Team Jordan store. Put a ton of my Upper Deck autographs for sale in another store. Name about 3/4 of the stores Jordan’s, MJ’s, Air Jordan, Mike’s or something with my picture on it to try and get back some of these funds.

Season ticket holders would get to go to one of my Jordan fantasy camps for free. I’d show up at tons of meet and greets with the fans. Make commercials saying “Come to a Bobcats game, you never know when you’ll get to meet me, Michael Jordan”.  Don’t give up yet Michael, I don’t want to see you have to sell any of your team, let alone half of it. Stick it out, build a franchise, get that money you lost back and in the mean time, do yourself a favor and pimp yourself out already. Don’t forget, your getting married soon my friend.

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Anybody doubt at all that Jordan would be the best player on the Bobcats roster right now?