UNC Basketball Game Review: Appalachian State


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Scroll below for The Morning Heel and video highlights of UNC vs Appalachian St.

UNC took on former Tar Heel and current Appalachian State head coach Jason Capel.  And as expected beat them in a landslide.  The Tar Heels rode a great performance from senior Tyler Zeller who scored a season high 31 points.  Kendall Marshall did his usual left handed Jason Kidd impression with 13 assists and just 2 turnovers.  Harrison Barnes struggled most of the night, unable to create his own shot, Barnes’ ball handling and lack of assertiveness could hurt this team in March.  I was proud to see Capel’s group play as hard as they did.  Down by close to 30 points at some points his team continued to hustle in an intimidating environment against a very talented team.  It’s clear the former Heel has instilled the right principles with that program.  Great to see the Tar Heel coaching tree sprout another bright branch.

Key Takeaways, Player of the game, and Observations that amuse me after the jump

Key Takeaways: John Henson is an absolute MONSTER on both ends of the floor.  Henson not Harrison Barnes may be the Tar Heels best player, more on that later.  Reggie Bullock is going to be an all ACC player one day.  He looks great on both ends, he’s shooting with confidence and his defense has rivaled Dexter Strickland for tops amongst Tar Heel guards.  PJ Hairston needs to take the ball to the basket more.  Hairston has only attempted 13 shots inside the three point line all season.  While he may end up being the best shooter since Wayne Ellington to come through Chapel Hill, Hairston needs to make his defender respect him off the dribble.

Player of the game: Perhaps the best performance by any UNC player this year: Tyler Zeller and his 31 points, 10 rebounds. Zeller was dominate the entire contest.  He showed off his jump shot, faced up and penetrated to the basket, and was awesome in the low post.  Standing at 7 feet tall, Tyler made a heck of an athletic play when he intercepted a pass and took it himself all the way to the cup.  I’ve been on You Tube for over an hour and I can’t find another example of a 7 footer jumping from where Zeller did with the type of arm extension he put into the unexpected dunk.  A truly unique play that showed off exactly why Zeller has a big time future in the NBA.  When he plays like this it makes you wonder if he could work on that jumper and become a poor man’s Dirk Nowitski in the league someday.  For his size the kid has freakish athleticism.

Something I took great pleasure in: Listening to the announcers on ESPN2 struggling in their attempt to keep the audience interested while UNC demolished poor Appalachian State.  They told worthless story after worthless story.  “Wow Capels wife met him while at UNC that’s so interesting isn’t it everyone!”  Yeah guys I’ve never ever heard of a couple meeting in college then one day getting married.  “Capel went and saw his brother and his nieces and nephews yesterday in Durham.”  WOW!  I wonder if when the Giants and Bucs played each other back in the day if Rhonde and Tiki Barber visited one another?  I bet if I could somehow, someway break that story ESPN or someone huge would have to hire me right?  I know announcers have a “tough” job of keeping people interested in what they are talking about (many of you have stopped reading this column by now) but can we talk about basketball?  I mean why not just talk about the ACC?  Or maybe Appalachian State?  Oh I know, talk about UNC maybe?  They are one of if not the most popular college basketball team in the country.  One day I vow to bore everyone with something equally bad but at least about what the eff I’m announcing.  Hold on I need to get down from my soapbox now.


Appalachian State Mountaineers
Andre Williamson, F285-91-10-0130002011
Jamaal Trice, G-F230-20-10-001100200
Brian Okam, C110-10-00-011102050
Rodney Milum, G213-122-90-012101028
Mike Neal, G186-121-32-2333110215
Omar Carter, G287-152-35-7272003121
Isaac Butts, C211-50-02-224000254
G.J. Vilarino, G162-31-10-002300015
Nathan Healy, F102-31-10-013120055
Petey Hausley, F81-20-00-012110032
Mitch Woods, G60-00-00-002000000
Tab Hamilton, G102-41-16-6000001211
North Carolina Tar Heels
Tyler Zeller, F2611-150-09-105101100131
John Henson, F267-100-03-5160012117
Dexter Strickland, G223-50-10-001210036
Harrison Barnes, F264-120-11-234110009
Kendall Marshall, G292-60-10-0021300214
Justin Watts, G50-10-00-000000000
Reggie Bullock, G234-82-50-0160101210
Stewart Cooper, F10-00-00-000000000
David Dupont, F10-00-00-000000000
Patrick Crouch, G10-00-00-000000010
Stilman White, G41-20-00-100000012
Desmond Hubert, F81-10-00-111002202
P.J. Hairston, G130-20-210-12130000410
Jackson Simmons, F10-00-00-000000000
James Michael McAdoo, F143-40-00-203011016

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