Everett Withers Next DC At Auburn? Ohio St? Why Not Here?


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I was hit with something very hard today.  Thanks for your concern, I’m quite alright.   Wandering around performing my daily rituals, browsing the internet for UNC news, living large.   All the sudden, BOOM, what the EVERett loving sakes Withers was I doing?  Well, I was reading one of many Everett Withers columns written today.  As you know, I am very fond of what Withers did as the interim head coach this season at UNC. He did a great job and he should be a hot commodity amongst defensive coordinators.  He should be interviewed by powerhouse teams like Auburn and Ohio State.  So wait, what hit you Matt?  THIS


Why he should stay, why he isn’t, why it was never a possibility and why the interim tag should be called the death tag after the jump.

Withers is not going to get a head coaching job anywhere, he’s going to go be a DC somewhere. By all accounts Withers is a very good DC and one could argue was a pretty decent head coach. The players obviously love coach Withers, many expressing publicly their desire for Withers to be retained as HC before the Fedora hire. So the players love him, he obviously loves UNC, he’s not getting a better job, so why is he leaving?

Withers never was a real candidate for the HC job at UNC. But we’ve been over that haven’t we. The sad thing, he wasn’t even considered to stay in another capacity. How about assistant head coach-Defense? I get that Larry Fedora wants to bring in his own staff. And he should be given that opportunity by the University. Still, look at the job Withers did with this UNC team this year. In a no win situation he made the best of it and got us to a bowl game after the biggest scandal in University history.

That’s not worth something Bubba Cunningham and Larry Fedora? Aside from the fact that the University should show Withers some respect and gratitude for what he did, this is the right football move. Again, the players love Withers, he’s a good defensive coach, what’s the problem here?

The problem is the interim tag is a bunch of crap. It’s almost like saying to someone, hey we’re just going to keep you around for a little bit longer. You suck a little bit worse than the guy we just canned. We’re going to get someone better than you, we don’t have confidence in you long term but you’ll do for now. Thanks buddy.

Take a look at the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL. New coach Jim Harbaugh brought almost his entire staff to SF from Stanford. Still he met with each of the coaches, did his homework, and retained some good coaches from the previous staff. Including…drum-roll…previous interim head coach Jim Tomsula. And he retained him as the defensive line coach.

It won’t happen, but it should have, and it absolutely could have been done. As a die hard, lifetime, Tar Heels fan it pains me to say this but shame on you Bubba Cunningham.  Sorry Everett you fell victim to the death tag buddy, see you in a few years when you visit Chapel Hill as the visiting head coach of some team.

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