5 Reasons The NBA Will Not Be Worth Watching Or Wasting Your $ On


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Watch NCAA not the NBA this year!

Besides all the reasons a lot of old school NBA fans still don’t watch, I’m here to give 5 more reasons why you should not waste your hard earned American dollars, or spend your forever dwindling time on anything NBA. These reasons I will give are all logical and based on several issues still unresolved.(depending on who you ask) Reasoning will also include things we have seen in other shortened sports seasons and points I believe are inevitable in happening.

1.) Most games will look like Junior Varsity High School basketball!
I’m sure most remember the start of the NFL season and a lack of defense and player fitness. Well I’m here to tell you defense barely exist as is in the NBA, with not much time at training camps, or notice, at that, the word defense will not be witnessed in too many arenas until mid-season. Along with youth, lack of cohesion and experience together, most teams with first year coaches and big time free agents will find it hard to look like pros at times. Turnovers and miscues may be at an all-time high, all shortened-season long.

2.) Players are still holding team’s hostage!
As the end of the lockout comes closer, I continue to hear rumors and players themselves demanding trades. Also you still have guys under contract for a year or so who are going to leave first chance they get and pull a “LeBron”, all the while the team has ignorantly invested everything but the doghouse in this superstar and guess what?, he decides he wants to take his talents elsewhere. Where is that team left now? No superstar in the NBA equals no success in today’s NBA. Look how long it took the Bulls to rebuild after MJ, different circumstances, yet it is the similar situation that NBA franchises are constantly put in. I thought this was a main point of the lockout, teams being handicapped by players, but it appears that has yet to change.

3.) Enjoy your College teams success and young talent while you can, those superstars are still leaving early.
Thus far, the new CBA still does not have a new age restriction to enter the draft. Meaning the John Walls and Derrick Rose’s of the NCAA still can go after one year. A lot of collegiate coaches, including a couple hall of famers in NC, have publicly and privately protested the so called “one and done” rule. Imagine what college basketball could be if each team was guaranteed at least a two-year commitment from every basketball player. That may bring back a forgotten word in college basketball, Dynasty!

4.) Hate it or love it, the Miami Heat are going to win the Finals and LeBron gets ring 1!
Well this may be were some stop reading this but really, think about it. Veteran superstar teams like the Heat are obviously a favorite, but more so if there are only a handful of games. Imagine the frustration and disappointment D-Wade and LeBron have been waiting to unleash on opponents. Added to a fresh Finals loss to Dirk and Dallas, Miami may do things this short season a lot of “Heatle Haters” don’t want to see.

5.) Your favorite team may be mathematically eliminated after only 15 games?
Well this may be a slight exaggeration but not really. You can bet your bottom dollar if Uncle Gerry’s beloved Knicks lose 12 or 15 straight, Melody or not New York will be eliminated from more than just the playoffs. Some may say, “oh, but less games means each will have more significance”. Yea, only if you want home court advantage, which you must know means squat-diddly in the NBA. Besides that, read reason 4, everyone but the Miami Heat will feel disappointment at the end of the season.

In conclusion these 5 reasons alone should be enough to take a break from the upcoming, unappreciative, NBA season.