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Robert Quinn and young Defensive line one of only a couple positives in an overall negative year for the Rams.

Thus far Quinn and Long only football players worth talking about in St. Louis.

As the hopeless St Louis Rams continue to lose and participate in what has now been known as the “suck for Luck” sweepstakes, there may be a few positives worth mentioning. And obviously if you’re reading this you know it’s a dam good former tar heel. To go along with the already talented Chris Long, with the 14th overall selection in the 2011 draft, the Rams selected 6 ‘4, 265 pound, then 20 year old Robert Quinn.

To say Robert Quinn hasn’t been through the fire so to say, would be understating his fight to the NFL. In his junior season of high school football in North Charleston, SC, Quinn put himself on the national recruiting stage by having an outstanding year. Then suddenly sidelined because of a benign tumor he had to have brain surgery his senior year. After making a full recovery Quinn still found himself the 15th ranked def prospect and on his way to Chapel Hill. Most likely using his lack of recruitment and what he had been through as motivation, Quinn stormed on the scene his freshman year 2008.

After an early season knee injury to Darius Massenburg in week 2, Robert Quinn was thrown in and never relinquished the starting job. Winning the Brian Piccolo Award that same year only paved the way for his star studded sophomore 2009 campaign.

In 2009 as a tar heel he recorded 19 tackles for loss, 11 sacks, and 6 forced fumbles, all of them being top 2 in the Acc for season statistics. After being voted runner-up in the ACC Defensive Player of the Year award (Derrick Morgan of Georgia Tech won) many like myself thought the following season Chapel Hill was going to be something special. The expectations going into 2010 for that defense alone were high and we’ll say, for sake of argument, most likely would have been exceeded.

Well, unfortunately Quinn and several others didn’t even step on the field in 2010. The overall disappointment does not need to be mentioned much more but let’s just say the sky was the limit for that Butch Davis led team who we never got to see.

After missing all of his junior year at UNC due to the NCAA investigation and violations he committed, Quinn then entered the 2011 draft.

Once arriving in the NFL with a 4 year 9.4 million dollar deal, in which 5.3 was a guaranteed bonus, many wondered if Quinn would be worth it.

Come to find out, so far Robert Quinn has been worth every penny. Now let’s not forget the Rams stink right now everywhere else and Quinn can’t win by himself, but he has sufficed and been productive with 4 sacks at DE.

Early in the season on MNF he recorded his first pro sack against the New York Giants. Then after a sack and a blocked punt by Quinn, the Rams got their first win of the season in an upset at home against the New Orleans Saints. Not only was it an upset October 30, along with 3 sacks from Chris Long, the Rams defense and Quinn dominated 4 short-lived quarters and showed potential.

Now in the NFL, Quinn’s future looks bright barring any injuries. Robert Quinn has showed everyone what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. From a brain tumor, to sitting an entire college season watching because of personal mistakes, Quinn has overcome some obstacles. The disappointment that may forever stay with the UNC football program in the “Davis era” will always include Quinn and several other names.

But I’m here to tell you it is all too obvious this man is still a fighter. The NFL isn’t for the weak of heart or mind, and to produce as a rookie at that level you must overcome and work hard everyday. Two things Robert Quinn has showed over time he does extremely well.

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