Where will Tyler Hansbrough land?

When the Indiana Pacers rescinded the contract offer to forward Tyler Hansbrough that allowed him to become an unrestricted free agent. It also got me to thinking, what would be the best landing spot for the former Tar Heel star?

5. Golden State Warriors: In my opinion the main reason Tyler Hansbrough would be interested in Golden State is there ready to win now. The teams foundation is set with superstar point guard Stephen Curry, fellow sharp shooter guard Clay Thompson and budding star former Tar Heel Harrison Barnes. One of the holes on the team is at the power forward position. With forward Carl Landry signing with the Kings and forward/center Andris Biedrins being traded that opens up a spot for someone who will do the dirty work as well as provide some interior toughness on a squad with mostly finesse players.

4. Indiana Pacers: While many believe this ship has sailed, I think there is a chance Psycho T will return to Indiana. Its fact that the Pacers have rescinded the contract offer to their 2009 first round draft pick, but it wasn’t for the lack of interest in Hansbrough. That move was done so that the Pacers can stay under the salary cap(and not pay luxury tax penalty) but also so they could address the point guard position and they did by signing veteran back-up C.J. Watson. If the price is right don’t be surprised to see Hansbrough back in blue and gold.

3. Charlotte Bobcats: Before forward Al Jefferson signed for 3 years and 41 million dollars, this would have been the top landing spot for Tyler. Off the court this makes sense for the Bobcats and Hansbrough. It would boost ticket and jersey sales and give the good folks of Charlotte someone to root for while the team finds its way. On the court this move makes sense as well. He would provide depth and not to mention hustle and energy all of which the Bobcats could use.

2. Atlanta Hawks: The one and only reason to sign with the Hawks at this time is simply playing time. The ATL is rebuilding and since the team decided to let forward Josh Smith sign with Detroit there will be plenty of dollars and minutes available with the Hawks. If Hansbrough wants to be on a contender he shouldn’t consider Atlanta, but if he wants to play and put up decent numbers and secure a future long-term deal this is the perfect spot.

1. Denver Nuggets: For me the Mile High City is the ideal home for #50. The Nuggets have the cap space to pay him more of what he’s looking for and they can offer solid playing time on a team that should be right in the thick of things in the rugged western conference. By signing with Denver it would Hansbrough and former UNC teammate point guard Ty Lawson. Playing with a floor general of Lawson’s caliber would probably help Tyler reach his ceiling but it would also make a lot of people in Chapel Hill Nuggets fans.

No one really knows where Tyler Hansbrough will end up but for his sake I hope he ends up in a place where he is happy and contend for a title.





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  • sciguybm


  • NLP

    I would zero shot of him going to 3 of those teams.

    Denver has a million forwards under contract already while Charlotte has less than Denver but still too many to want to sign there despite the location. He wanted no part of going back to the Pacers and getting just 5 shots a game again and those 5 shots a game was without Granger who will be back and taking some of the few shots their bench was getting.

    The Hawks are also unlikely since they just added a couple big men in FA and are still in the mix for Bynum. The only really logical team on this list is Golden State and it isn’t the best total fit if they plan on using Barnes some at PF.

    Actually you can cross off Golden State now too because they’re about to sign Marreese Speights

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  • redmid17

    He wants to start. He wouldn’t start on any of those teams.

    • redmid17

      Boom called it. Went to Toronto

  • Orginal LePhantom

    Tyler was a great college player. But, realistically, he should be planning his life after the NBA. In college he was never the most talented player on his team. But, he thrived on effort. It takes more than effort to make it in the NBA. Soon he’ll either be finished with basketball or playing outside the USA.