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Penn State Scandal: Death Penalty Too Easy, Shut the University Down!

Why are we talking about football when we speak of the Penn State Scandal?  What happened has nothing to do with football and I’m sick of hearing about the sport.  Jerry Sandusky raped children, Joe Paterno and the rest of the powers to be at the University willingly covered it up because they are disgusting human beings.

Penn State is well, a state school, so why is the state of Pennsylvania still giving the school funding?  Why hasn’t the state pulled funding?  You have pretty much everyone that has any type of power conspiring to cover up child molestation, and maybe murder.  Where is that boy that Sandusky raped in the showers?  Do you know his name?  No you don’t, nobody does, why is that?

It amazes me that we’re not asking all the tough questions here.  I believe there is a good chance that boy was murdered by Sandusky and that is why he never came forward.  Lots of kids came forward and testified, why didn’t the one that people heard about the most, the boy in the shower come forward?  Maybe it’s because he can’t.  Maybe I’m wrong, but after you heard those poor kids testify and now that you understand how sick and disgusting Sandusky is, are you putting murder past him?  I’m not.

Everybody’s focusing on Paterno, now that we know he negotiated an exit strategy that paid him $3 million dollars, forgave $350K in debt and gave him various other incentives to leave one year earlier than his existing contract called for, it’s obvious “Joe Pa” was a horrible human being also.  He not only took part in the coverup, he made sure he took the time to cover his own ass instead of helping out tortured children.

But what about the governor?  He knew about this for three years and did nothing, I want his resignation.  Forget football, forget the statue of Paterno at Penn St or the library named after him.  Those things should have been gone long ago.  It’s time to pull the funding from the University and make a statement that this is unacceptable.

But that won’t happen, pull the state funding and impose the death penalty on football and Penn State University shuts down.  If the University shuts down, the surrounding communities economy collapses, if that happens the state of Pennsylvania’s economy would take a serious hit they may not recover from.

And that’s the sad reality here, money is the root of all evil.  I’d be willing to bet that no one in PAs government has even considered pulling funding from the University for the reasons I outlined above.  We’re too concerned about money than we are the welfare of children.

At the very least, Paterno, Sandusky and all of the board of trustees need to have everything and anything bearing their image or name removed from the University.  The building in which that poor kid was abused needs to be torn down.  Football needs to take at least a five to ten year ban.  The University needs to step up and not allow these civil suits to even go to court.  These poor people who were abused by Sandusky do not need to go back on that stand and recount the terrifying things that happened in “Happy Valley”.

Penn State needs to step up and pay these people a ton of money, I don’t care what it does to their bottom line.  Do the right thing for once Penn State and if they don’t, do it for them NCAA and state of Pennsylvania.  Maybe the saddest part of all this, we aren’t even close to being done with this.  This scandal will drag out in court for the next five to ten years easy.

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  • ColeKeleher

    Joe Paterno didn’t cover anything up.  He informed his superiors, expecting them to call the cops (granted, it’s a wonder he didn’t call the cops himself).  His superiors are the ones who covered it up.

    • KIH Matt

      Wow man I thought the whole world was past that.  The man was the REASON they covered it up. 

  • DavidSacco

    There’s a petition for anyone that thinks Penn St should get the Death Penalty.  It sends an email to the NCAA’s presidents office with every signature

  • Stat1124

    Shutting the entire university down might be a stretch but the death penalty for a few years isn’t.  I think Penn State deserves at least a two year ban for what has transpired.  Again, I will go by the NCAA bylaws only which are being questioned as we speak.  If Penn State is in violation of the major bylaws, it definitely can find itself under the death penalty.  If you aren’t familiar with which bylaws the NCAA are looking at, you can check my article where I go into more detail about each bylaw the NCAA has questioned Penn State about.

    • KIH Matt

      Shut down PSU Football and it devastates the entire sports programs at the University which has a harsh trickle down effect on the kids.  The alumni would need to put up record money in order to keep things even close to normal at PSU if that happened.  I say pull all of the state funding, shut down football for a decade and let the University be a memory.