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UNC Football Recruiting: Interview with 2013 QB Mitch Trubisky

Keeping It Heel recently sat down with 2013 QB prospect Mitch Trubisky for some insight into his recruiting process and his future in Chapel Hill.


KIH:Scouts have called you the perfect QB for UNC Head Coach Larry Fedoras system, what are you’re reactions to that?

MT: That’s a huge compliment to be called the perfect QB for coach fedora’s Offense.  I’m very humbled..That is one of the things that sold me on UNC is that i fit in the offensive system that they run, and I’m very excited about that.

I love playing up tempo and always putting pressure on the defense. I like this kind of offense and i think it really suits my strengths well.  Since I’ve played in a similar system, I can see what scouts can draw good comparisons that I fit well for Coach Fedora and Anderson.

KIH: As a dual threat QB which do you like more, completing a long pass or breaking a long run?

MT: As a dual threat QB, I’ll always be happy for any big play that happens in a game.  I love throwing the ball and watching the receiver take it the distance or launching a bomb in the end zone.

Carrying the ball is a different kind of thrill, being chased using your instincts to get away. Since a long break away run is more uncommon for a QB, I would say that is more exciting but I like both equally.

KIH: Talk about the recruiting process, what sold you on Carolina?

MT: UNC was a perfect combination of everything I was looking for.  I did not know this until I visited and I couldn’t be happier that I took the time to come down and visit. Great academics, beautiful campus, awesome coaches, the spread up tempo offense, and an opportunity to come in and compete for a starting job all sold me that this was the perfect school for me.

KIH: North Carolina also has another young dual threat QB in Marques Williams, did the coaches give you any indication of how soon they see you on the field?

MT: Yes UNC has a lot of great QBs already on campus, Marques I know is a great athlete and QB. When it comes to getting on the field, I believe that playing time is earned and when I get down onto campus I have to prove to my coaches and teammates that i am the man for the job if I want to play. I don’t believe a coach can tell you when you are going to play, you have to earn your spot. I know I will go in and compete and work as hard as I can to make UNC that best we can possibly be.

KIH: Have you thought of the possibility of contributing at other positions your freshman season?

MT: I am a QB and I don’t think they want me to play any other position. QB is the only position I have ever played since youth football and that’s what I’m going to stick with.

KIH: What’s the first thing you plan on doing when you get to Chapel Hill?

MT: The first thing I plan on doing when getting to Chapel Hill is most likely going to be to workout, go to my class, or meet as many people as I can. Get to know my teammates and begin to create relationships. There could be a number of things I could do when I get there. Who knows maybe grab something to eat.

KIH: Tell UNC fans one thing they need to know about Mitch Trubisky

MT: One thing UNC fans need to know about Mitch Trubisky, Haha I might start out by telling them my mom stresses my name is Mitchell, but I don’t mind either one Mitch or Mitchell.  I Love Football.   And I love North Carolina Now, and I will work as hard as I can to make the football program and the University as successful as possible. Can’t wait to meet the thousands of UNC fans! GO TARHEELS!!

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