UNC Basketball: TBT poll shows fans want Tar Heel team in tourney

Is there a possibility that we’ll see an alumni team of former Tar Heels in the 2021 TBT Tournament?

On social media, The Basketball Tournament (better know as TBT) posted a poll asking fans what alumni teams they would like to see in the 2021 tournament.

Of course, guess which college basketball program ranked No. 1 on the list:

The fans voted, and said that a Tar Heels alumni team would be the squad they’d want to see the most  next season. North Carolina is one of four ACC programs to be featured on the list.

Without a doubt, the poll and the release of the results sparked a ton of interest on Twitter, and a handful of people commented on the possibility of a Tar Heel team.

There is nothing set in stone at this point, but the idea is definitely an intriguing one. Imagine a matchup where a team made up of former Tar Heels compete against a squad of former Blue Devils? Would definitely be must-see television!

If the TBT is able to create alumni teams, which former Tar Heels would you most like to see compete?

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