Tar Heels Basketball: Jerry Stackhouse says “dream job” is UNC

A former UNC player tells reporters his dream job for coaching

North Carolina Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams is still a few years removed from retiring as the coach.

Many have speculated who will replace Williams when that time comes as UNC usually likes to keep it in the family.

One former player is already throwing his name into the ring.

Former UNC star Jerry Stackhouse was at the Dean Dome with the Raptors 905, Toronto’s D-League affiliate. Stackhouse was named the head coach of the team back in September and had a role as an assistant coach for Toronto in the 2015-16 NBA season.

Stackhouse caught up with reporters and discussed his career in coaching as well as answering what his dream job would be.

The answer? A simple one.

“I have one college that I would come back and coach, just one,” Stackhouse said via 247 Sports. “And you can take a guess on that one.”

“This would be the dream job for anybody that ever had any aspirations of coaching or wore this uniform. I’m good. I’m learning, getting a ton of experience again of running a team. Not just coaching X’s and O’s, to me that’s almost the easy part. The harder part is being able to form relationships with the guys to where they trust you, they trust your system, they trust what you’re trying to do.”

It’s likely someone like Hubert Davis is next in line to coach at Carolina but Stackhouse might be an option years from now.

He’s starting to get his feet wet in the coaching ranks with the NBA’s D-League being a nice start.

There’s also the possibility he joins the UNC staff if he ever wants to be a head coach for the Tar Heels. That would be the start.

Once again, we are still likley years away from Williams leaving, so let’s just all wait and see.