UNC Football: Cleveland Browns going all in for Mitch Trubisky?

The Cleveland Browns are honing in on UNC quarterback Mitch Trubisky in hopes he declares for the 2017 NFL Draft

North Carolina Tar Heels junior Mitch Trubisky continues to play well as the season winds down in college football.

Every week it seems as if the hype around Trubisky grows for his NFL chances. First it was Mel Kiper Jr. naming Trubisky as his top available quarterback for the 2017 NFL Draft.

Just days ago, fellow ESPN draft expert Todd McShay hopped on the Trubisky hype train as he named him the top quarterback for the 2017 class.

Now, Trubisky is a junior still and will have to declare before a team can take him. There’s the possibility that he returns to UNC for his senior year but the 2017 quarterback class isn’t the best out there. The 2018 one is projected to be a lot better.

If Trubisky does decide to leave UNC, it looks as if three teams with quarterback needs will hold top five picks. According to a report, one of those teams is honing in on him already.

That team? The Cleveland Browns.

“They love him,” a top evaluator from another NFL club said to CBS Sports.com. “Trust me, they love him.”

The Browns passed on Carson Wentz by trading their first round pick away in the 2016 NFL Draft but did take Cody Kessler later. They still have a big need at quarterback and Trubisky could fill that role.

There’s also the Ohio connection between the two sides as well. Trubisky is from Mentor, Ohio and grew up a Browns fan. The idea of going to your hometown team and turning a franchise around that hasn’t won in what seems like forever might be appealing.

The knock on Trubisky is that he’s started just one year at UNC, due to backing up Marquise Williams. He has the frame and arm to play in the NFL.

Quarterbacks DeShaun Watson and DeShone Kizer would also be available for the Browns if they decide to go that route as well.

None of this matters however if Trubisky decides to return to UNC for his senior year.