Poll: Do you like argyle on UNC Football jerseys?

Take Keeping It Heel’s poll and let us know in the comments section if you like the idea of putting argyle on the new UNC Football uniforms.

The secret is out. UNC will incorporate argyle in some way shape or form in their new football uniforms, which will likely be released on April 20th. This YouTube video teases the uniforms…

And a few smart Twitter users analyzed the videos and found a blurry image of the argyle…

I’m really interested to see how the fan base will react to this news. From that blurry screenshot of the YouTube video above, it looks pretty good, but I’m really not sure how good it will look in real life. I’m also not sure if the fan base will be receptive to the news, because argyle has long been the basketball team’s thing. The argyle in the end zones looks great, but putting it on the jerseys is a different animal.

The way you have to do it is make it subtle, as an accent, not as a focal point of a jersey. There shouldn’t be argyle strips running down the middle of the helmet or around the arms of the jerseys. If you put it on the sides of the jerseys and if the designs are done well, I think it could end up looking really good.

We won’t really know what the jerseys look like until Monday, so reserve final judgements until then. But, do you like the idea of argyle on the UNC Football jerseys? Take our poll below and also hit us up on Facebook and Twitter and in the comments below to let us know what you think about the new development.

Do you like the idea of putting argyle on UNC's football jerseys?

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