Do You Like This UNC Football Helmet Redesign?

UNC Football gets a helmet redesign. Let us know in the comments if you like the new lids!

North Carolina rolled out new uniform designs back in April of 2013, debuting a new scheme based on white, blue and black colors. The new design was met to mixed reviews, but I think fans have come to like the new jerseys as time has gone along. However, if UNC needs another alternate helmet for a game next season, this new design from  Deeyung Entertainment might work.

Check out the mock concept designs for a bunch of college teams here, but I pulled UNC’s design and posted it below.

My first thought upon seeing the helmets? I think it is a bit too bold. It wouldn’t really fit with any jersey combination that UNC currently has, because the blue is a shade different from the Carolina blue. And, while it incorporates the ram, I think the Carolina faithful would get mad at going even further away from UNC’s roots, not throwing back to older times with an alternate helmet.

I also don’t love the use of the old ram logo. I think it is a bit too noisy; I prefer the look of the “Heel logo” on some of UNC’s alternate helmets in the past.

Overall, I think I give the helmet a C+. It gets major points for being bold and different, which is what a redesign should do, but I don’t love the helmet enough that I will be emailing Coach Fedora and asking him to make it for next season.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below!

H/t: Bro Bible