Rank ‘Em: Top 5 UNC basketball players in the Roy Williams Era

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#1 – Tyler Hansbrough – Career Stats: 142 Games Played, 20.3 PPG, 8.1 RPG, 1.2 SPG, 85% FTs, 51% FGs

If I listed all of his accomplishments on this page I’m pretty sure my fingers would start to b

leed and I’d end up getting carpal tunnel. Much like Dean Smith as the best coach in UNC history, this one wasn’t close for me. Ty Lawson was great, as were the other players on this list, but Tyler Hansbrough is really in a league of his own.

NCAA Champion (2009)
ACC Rookie of the year (2006)
ACC PLayer of the Year (2008)
Consensus National Player of the Year (2008)
4-time First team All-ACC (2006-2009)
3-time consensus first team All-American (2007-2009)
Consensus second team All-American (2006)

That doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of his accomplishments in college. Maybe the best thing he ever did in college was this…

Beating “Dook” on JJ Redick’s Senior Night is a very close second to the 2009 national championship for me. I was loving it that night! As far as Hansbrough as a college player, I don’t think there is any question he is a top 25 player in the history of the game.

Anyone remember how he used to be compared to Mark Madsen? Doesn’t that make your blood boil???

Look, nothing against Mark Madsen, everything I’ve read on the guy has pointed to him being a great person and teammate to have. The only reason the two were compared was because they were both white, both 6’9 post players, and both played with energy. I however don’t recall Mark Madsen ever doing this…

He was busy doing this…

Anyways, I don’t think anyone should argue the #1 player on this list. The All-Time leading scorer in UNC history, a 2009 National Champion, 4-0 @ Duke in his career, and one of the most energetic and passionate players I’ve ever watched: Tyler Hansbrough.

If we really wanted to get into it there could be an argument made for him as the best Tar Heel basketball player ever. He is obviously not the most talented, not the best pro, but what he accomplished in college and did for the program makes that an easier case to make.

As usual, don’t be shy about leaving feedback. Tell me where I’m wrong, who I missed, who is ranked too high, etc. I want to hear from the Tar Heel faithful!