Rashad McCants: "There was never a relationship with Roy Williams"

The Rashad McCants saga continues. CollegeBasketballTalk.com has new audio (Click link for audio) of McCants detailing his times with Roy Williams at the University of North Carolina, and McCants claims there was no relationship.

McCants has been an interesting topic of late ever since his allegations against the university surfaced. Now the NCAA is reopening an investigation against the university regarding the academic problems.

McCants appeared on the Sirius XM’s College Sports Nation show hosted by Mark Packer and Houston Nutt on Friday, standing by his allegations against the university. McCants was recruited by Matt Doherty who was fired after the 2003 season. Roy Williams took over the Carolina job and led the team to a National Championship in 2005.

But McCant’s claims he never had a relationship with Roy and that the team was not a tight-knip group. Over the years many have speculated McCant’s hate for Roy and even rumors of McCants blaming Roy for his lack of success in the NBA have surfaced. There’s even been an incident in which McCants and his father have ripped Williams on Facebook calling him a “piece of s***”.

Decide for yourself on what McCants is really aiming for.


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  • bumpandrun

    Honestly, I can see why there wouldn’t have been much of a relationship between the two. Look at pics of the team before Roy got there. They looked like thugs and that’s how McCants acts now. I’m sure he didn’t like a coach coming in and demanding more of him than his previous coach who let him run wild and I’m sure Roy realized that immediately.

  • joepiccaso

    There wasn’t any relationship, except for that Roy offered. That team was a mess. loaded with talent, but too many individuals. Roy early on had a talk with McCants and told him if he would go with the program and his coaching, that this team could be National Champions, and he, Roy, was correct. It was completely obvious McCants didn’t like Roy, nor cared to be coached at all. Mccants did buy in long enough to win as Roy promised. Roy never would have recruited McCants and he knew it. I was glad to win the NC, but equally as glad to see Rashad leave Chapel Hill. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Rashad would come back when the school was down and take these shots. He’s a coward and snake! All he’s done is defamed himself by telling us what low character and integrity he has. That isn’t Roy, that McCants. Roy did him a favor talking him into staying and making him a champion. McCants can’t handle the fact that he’s personally a loser and like most losers, they want to blame everyone else around him. His 15 minutes are almost up and then he’ll be forgotten. He could have been another good memory at UNC, but he chose otherwise. Not Roy’s fault or the school’s, it’s purely McCants’! GO Heels!