P.J. Hariston involved in on-court incident

Former Tar Heel P.J. Hairston is in the news again. Reports say that Hairston was in an altercation at a YMCA during a pickup basketball game and he allegedly punched a high school student twice.

The Charlotte Observer’s Rick Bonnell confirmed the news via Juan Morrow, Hairston’s agent, saying: ” The other guy pushed (Hairston) and he pushed back. Both shoved each other. He swung at P.J. and P.J. swung back.” Morrow also said that “both connected” on their punches.

With Hairston on thin ice because of his earlier troubles, it will be interesting to see the full details on the situation. Basketball can be a sport where players lose their temper, but Hairston needs to know better.

Hairston took to Twitter to tweet about the incident:

Sounds like a incident where tempers got the best of both players. Check back with Keeping It Heel for more details on the incident as it becomes available.

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  • bumpandrun

    Here is my question, why would pro players play pickup at a YMCA? You know the other guys are going to want to try to prove themselves against a pro and they watch the NBA where these guys literally beat the crap out of each other so what do you think is going to happen?

    • http://ChiCitySports.com Zack Pearson

      I don’t know about the YMCA, but I know NBA players especially rookies play pickup all summer. But you’re correct about the Y, it’s kinda odd.

  • bumpandrun

    So Hairston is glad to get a second chance to prove himself. Josh Gordon gets a DWI in Hairston’s vehicle and gets bailed out by the same guy (Fats) that rented the cars for Hairston at UNC. Then Hairston punches a teenager. He obviously doesn’t understand what second chance means.