UNC Basketball: NC State fans vandalize Dean Smith Center (Photo)

North Carolina State fans have built a reputation as noisy, cocky, and annoy fans; but they’ve crossed another line and took a rivalry too far.

NC State fans vandalized the Dean Smith Center earlier today before the start of today’s UNC vs. NC State game.

I guess ‘Classy’ and NC State just don’t go together in the same sentence!

I do have a friendly reminder for State fans though:

All-time record: North Carolina 147 – NC State 76

Football series: North Carolina 64 – NC State 32

National Championships: North Carolina 40 – NC State 2

ACC Championships: North Carolina 250 – NC State 120

Final Fours: North Carolina 18 – NC State 3

College World Series: North Carolina 10 – NC State 2

Rhodes Scholars: North Carolina 48 – NC State 0

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  • westwoodwizard

    Hilarious…and the richest North Carolinian is…Dr. James Goodnight…an NC State graduate whose company receives thousands of applications from desperate UNC liberal arts majors who cannot find jobs. As for the statistics, all flagship campuses will have an advantage over campuses established later in both academics and athletics. Could NC State have done much better and does have itself to blame for not doing better…absolutely. But, the UNC system which is controlled by graduates of the flagship campus have done plenty to hold NC State back in a way that does not nor has not happened in other states such as California and Michigan. UCLA is the second UC and yet it was allowed to build a full fledged university. Same with Michigan State. Then, you have examples like Purdue and Georgia Tech which received full state support (financial and political) to become world class technical schools whereas NC State has not received that kind of support in North Carolina. Finally, Bill Friday and William Aycock were both NC State graduates as well as UNC graduates. Aycock was chancellor at UNC and the man who hired Dean Smith. There is nothing wrong with NC State in terms of getting an education and moving onto graduate school and succeeding professionally. The engineers, scientist and architects from NC State do just fine. Heck, even the aggie grads do okay in terms of employment.

  • Bryant Douglass

    You know, I read up on State boards and see all the trash and jokes you Wolfpack fans have about UNC; but the moment UNC fans have a good laugh at your dispense you can’t take it and troll comments and social media. What goes around comes around! Education, scandals, athletics, etc.; none of it changes the fact that UNC not only beat State yesterday or the fact that UNC has more wins against State then vice versa. Thanks for reading the site and article though!

    • westwoodwizard

      You ought to be able to read much deeper into that so called trash and jokes. The State fans know their pathetic situation of not just basketball but the overall state of athletics. They know that their basketball program went down the toilet beginning in 1990 when Valvano was kicked out and the program lost not only a pretty good coach but a media darling who was an asset overall. The State fans may talk trash but they do not deny or live in some fantasy land. They know that Duke and UNC really took off along with the rise of ESPN beginning in 1990 while State crashed and burned. Even they know that their program’s historical success is a part of the distant past that may never come back.

  • mikebrettwalker

    can we put an asterisk next to all of those stats? cheaters going to cheat I guess