UNC Basketball: Is it time for Roy Williams to change the starting lineup?

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The 2013-2014 season has been absolutely horrendous to the North Carolina Tar Heels. They’ve shown only digression and not improvement when their season usually goes the other way with UNC playing their best basketball in time for the post-season.

There are many reasons as to why UNC is struggling, the answer depends on who you ask. There are also many answers to UNC’s problems. However, blaming the coach for the lack of motivation, desire, fire, and will power is not one of them. It’s past the point of blaming the coaches, because these are all on the players who need to do some soul searching.

However, there are many answers, one of which I believe begins with head coach Roy Williams changing his starting lineup. Improvements are needed on both sides of the ball, but for UNC…getting points on the board is priority.

Here’s one lineup that gives UNC plenty of offense to get the fire lit:

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  • Steve

    At this point I’d welcome any change that get the Heels going again. Our defense isn’t the best but even Carolina’s best teams didn’t play shut defense. We win by our scoring people and wearing them out with a transition offensive. You are spot on in your assessment that we need get more players into the rotation who can score.

    I’ve been wondering when Kennedy Meeks is going to take over the starting job from Joel. Kennedy is by far the better player offensively and he also makes great outlet passes after defensive rebounds that start the fast break. Joel on the other hand is just too raw on the offensive side of the ball. I hope he will get there, but I don’t see it happening this year. Having Brice Johnson on the floor with JMM and Kennedy would be interesting. Brice does bring some fire with his game.

    The big thing this team lacks is a guy who can put the entire team on his back if needed and can be consistently counted on for 18+ points a game. We just don’t have that guy, who can be the spark. It would have been PJ, but we all know what happened there.

    I’m sure Roy is way ahead of all of us. He even started Jackson Simmons the other day, just to try and get some fire into the lineup.

    • Bryant Douglass

      Thanks for commenting Steve!

      I am actually a rather big fan of Brice Johnson. He does have some issues with ball handling, but when you anger his inner monster…you don’t want to mess with him!

    • Chris

      Would have to disagree with Roy being ahead of us all. He has made questionable lineup decisions and changes his whole time at Carolina. I mean there would be crucial points late in the where he would insert oh say….Quintin Thomas and your like WTF. And his reluctance with the line up change last year. Now you can say two Championships all you want but I’m talking about coaching and not the amount of talent on the floor

  • Sam Gonzalez

    I disagree with the assessment that the coach is not responsible for motivating these kids and getting them ready to play.

  • Drake

    I agree with your suggested lineup. The players listed had large contributions in our 3 big wins over Mich St., Louisville, and Kentucky. I would never blame Coach Roy for lack of motivation, but I do feel his tactics work in opposite. Instead of motivation, the players seem to be discouraged at times. It kills me to see so many line up changes during the game before any rhythm is established. It looks as if the players are thinking too much, and worrying about not making any mistakes instead of “playing ball”. Brice Johnson brings much needed fire to the team with his attitude, yet I’ve noticed he has been subdued lately, as if he was told to tone it down. I hope not. Nevertheless, Paige definitely needs to remain a scoring threat by being a shooting guard. I hope Roy sees this faster than last year when he finally decided to go with the smaller line up.

  • Benchwarmer

    I remember the last championship team (09 I think), would just blow you off the court, not much defense but they would run you out of the gym and score 90+ points per game. Please Roy if you are listening put a team out there that can score from any position before the season is a total loss. Take a lesson from last year at least, maybe its one more year before you can return to the traditional lineup you would like to see, don’t be so stubborn. This season is already on the brink of a total loss its time for something drastic. I’m soon going to totally give up on this year, like a lot of people I know.