UNC Football: Fans react to embarrassing 55-31 loss against ECU


Yesterday the North Carolina Tar Heels suffered an ugly defeat against East Carolina. The 55-31 loss left fans pondering many things and many took those thoughts to social media. So we asked our readers and searched on Facebook and Twitter for comments and reactions to yesterday’s loss.

Humor me… When did Ecu become our rival? Before the Davis era we hadn’t played them in a long time right? Ecu wants to so badly be our rival lol

ECU and UNC rivals? That’s humor for sure. I barely consider State rivals, but football keeps them in that status.

We can’t tackle! Until we learn how it will continue to be a long season

Honestly, tackling is the least of UNC’s issues right now. Penalties and the slow offense is hurting the Tar Heels more!

Get rid of the gimmick head coach

Fedora is a gimmick? I disagree with that label completely, but I should also have you know this: Fedora isn’t the play caller on defense! If you want to blame coaches look at the two coordinators first.

Our defense is horrible! It’s gonna be a bad year if they can’t fix that soon! Can’t tackle and way too many stupid personal foul penalties.

You can’t argue with anything said here!

I say give it time. With patience comes reward and I think it’s just a matter of the team (coaches included) coming together and working as a well oiled machine.

I for one don’t like seeing fans and our readers blame Fedora. Fans have to realize that Fedora is playing Butch Davis/Everett Withers recruits and should be more patient and allow Fedora’s players to fill into the depth chart. Next year, you can be more harsh about them. Then again, next year’s road schedule looks ugly.

Still gotta be a man and win your battle. I’m not buying the talent and depth excuse. Especially since a senior leader and starter said they took ECU lightly.

I felt UNC would make the mistake of taking ECU lightly but never thought they would pay such a severe price for it. ECU stuck it out against Virginia Tech for a long while. Speaking of VT…oh boy my head is already spinning.

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