Twitter Tuesday: The Weekly Dish from your UNC Tar Heels


Happy Tuesday Tar Heel Nation! It’s another edition of Twitter Tuesday here on Keeping It Heel. Twitter Tuesday is where we get to look at some of the best or most interesting Tweets from your Tar Heels or about your Tar Heels from the past week. Also, be sure you’re following us on Twitter @KeepingItHeel to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest UNC news and updates! The power of social media is big and its the easiest way to continually get UNC updates throughout your busy work day!

Put’s it all in perspective!

It may have been child’s play, but is the NCAA ever truly going to investigate and punish any school in the SEC? No! SEC has the money and they’ll do whatever it takes to get away with it. NCAA is corrupt and needs a major reform before they ruin college athletics!

Such a hostile environment up there!

Luke, we’re worried about you buddy! Honey Boo Boo is a new low for you!

Been there done that…it’s a serious disease but don’t let is get you on the gridiron!

I forgot Kentucky won the BCS this summer. You’d think they did with their fans acting as delusion about Stoops as they have been.

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