Monday Mailbag: Robert Johnson, Rashad Vaughn, and more basketball recruiting


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Do u think Robert Johnson is gonna announce his decision on the 20th because of Vaughn’s visit on the 27th?? And do u think we have a really good chance with Vaughn??

My gut feeling is this: Johnson is announcing his commitment to UNC on the 20th because he felt the pressure from Coach Williams putting out the other offers. I don’t really think that Vaughn is headed to UNC, but his visit could have played a role in Johnson speeding up his process. I believe Vaughn has thrown UNC away off of his list despite what he’s said publicly. Roy cooled down on his pursuit of him and I think the mutual interest disappeared.

If UNC is the overwhelming favorite to land Robert Johnson then why is Rashad Vaughn coming the 27th? What’s up with Roy visiting Blackmon Jr.? Could he take 2 more guys?

Rashad Vaughn despite my personal opinion, may very well have a lot of interest in UNC still. My answer for this question should also answer that last one for you. Even though there is only one scholarship that will be available, we don’t know what Roy could be doing to arrange Vaughn a scholarship. He may be working with a player on one to walk on or may even be expecting a player or two to leave the program after this upcoming season. I think his visit with Blackmon was all a response to the constant pressure from fans saying that he doesn’t recruit hard enough and recruit the top players. I also think he saw it as another way to put pressure on Johnson and Vaughn!

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  • Derek Ball

    how can he go from basically committing after the duke UNC game to not even having them on his list anymore????

    • Bryant Douglass

      Roy pretty much let off his pursuit of him and other programs grabbed his interest.
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      • Derek Ball

        how are we to say he stopped pursuit when no one knows how much contact they had? 6-7 months ago he was a heel and then decided to wait and he has 3 official visits scheduled with two other programs not even being on the same planet as UNC in terms of basketball so the chances are he still likes the program. it wouldnt make sense if he felt slighted by UNC and the coaching staff that he would waste an official visit to a place he has already been if he doesnt want to consider going there in the end?