Top 5 Biggest Disappointments of the Roy Williams Era

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KIHfootball(1)COMMENTARY | North Carolina head basketball coach Roy Williams has enjoyed an incredible among of success since returning to Chapel Hill 10 years ago. His tenure has featured two national championships, six regular season conference titles, two conference tournament titles, and he has sent 17 players to the NBA. Although the Hall of Famer has experience success there have been some things that have not gone as Coach Williams, the experts or the fans expected to which led to some major disappointments.

We get that you may disagree with the opinion shared in this article, but don’t forget we’re all entitled to our own opinions. Nor did I ever say that Roy Williams has been a disappointment. He’s been a great coach and has many great days ahead of him at UNC!

Let’s take a look a look at the five biggest disappointments of the Roy Williams era at North Carolina!

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