Aug 29, 2013; Columbia, SC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels head coach Larry Fedora watches his players stretch before their game against the South Carolina Gamecocks at Williams-Brice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

UNC Football: Should North Carolina suspend Kiaro Holts?

It’s been a week since the North Carolina Tar Heels were defeated by the South Carolina Gamecocks. The loss set in for me quickly, but it was the actionw of sophomore tackle Kiaro Holts at the tail end of a play that hasn’t really processed in my mind.

When all was almost said and done and the Tar Heels knew defeat was near, Kiaro Holts came into the game for the closing minutes at right tackle. On one of the final offensive plays, Holts came after Jadeveon Clowney and clipped him. Now, clipping is a very dirty tactic to use. It’s even worse when it’s your favorite team that has a player doing it. It’s the worst when a player does it after the quarterback had already threw the ball and Clowney had stopped his pursuit of Bryn Renner. It was a late, and disgusting “tackle” by Holts who has faced some serious scrutiny since the clipping.

All football players should know the dangers of clipping and that it is a huge penalty on the football field. In fact, it has been a penalty in the NCAA since 1916.

The incident got a lot of attention nationally, and not just because it was Clowney who Holts had clipped. The dangers of clipping alone set off alarms in the sports media, and with North Carolina minutes away from a loss…it just looked pathetic.

It was appeared to everyone but Tar Heels fans that it was a desperate attempt of making a statement to South Carolina after they made their statement on the scoreboard. Of course there was actually a rather fair amount of UNC fans that were disgusted with the play too. Rightfully so, too!

Larry Fedora said earlier this week that it wasn’t a dirty move, but it’s hard to agree with the statement.

I am of the personal opinion that Holts should face a discipline of some kind. Does it go as far as a suspension? My opinion doesn’t really matter on that.

Sound off in the comments with your opinion on the clipping situation!

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