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Top 5 Things To Watch For on South Carolina's Team

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Who should UNC be wary of when they meet South Carolina later today? It’s tough to say. That’s because my research was severely hampered. When I googled USC, I got some school on the West Coast. When I googled Carolina, I got a light blue tint on the screen. This being a family site, I can’t say what came up when I googled their mascot.

Jokes aside, there are many players who could qualify for the 5 South Carolina players to watch. I’d be awful at my job if I didn’t mention Clowney. But everyone else has too, so I don’t feel the need to go into too much detail about him. But he’s definitely one. So really the title of this article should be Clowney and four other dudes you may wanna keep an eye on.

I’m already breaking my own rule and naming a slew of positions instead of a single person. The O-Line. Everyone there has played a down before. They were solid last year, and that’s only likely to improve this year. If UNC wants to get any pressure on Shaw, they’re going to have to figure something out quick like. But in early season games, you never know.

So two down, three to go. Mike Davis is good, and behind that O-Line, he should get yards. UNC will have to stay in their running lanes to prevent Davis from pounding through the line. Strong, durable, tough.

Be a shame not to mention the QB wouldn’t it. Shaw has to play well and has to have someone step up with him. If Davis is running, great. If he’s not, then he’s going to have to rely on his O-Line (which is pretty good) and let his receivers get open. Again, it’s early in the season, so you never know.

Finally, I’m gonna say Spurrier. Yeah, I know he isn’t a player. But it’s my article so back off. What he is is good. He’s 4-0 against UNC (1-0 since he’s been at South Carolina). He’s a guy you hate unless he’s for your team then you love him. I’ll tell you now I respect him and his coaching ability immensely. I also find the Steve Spurrier experience absolutely enjoyable. But the guy is very good at what he does, and that’s win.

I’ll be in the stands tonight hoping for two things. A good game and a UNC win. I’m patently awful with predictions, especially when UNC is involved, because I either go away from what I’m thinking in an attempt to not jinx anything or I go with what I’m thinking, but if I’m thinking UNC will lose, I feel guilty the entire game and can’t enjoy it. And I never let my heart pick. Because, well, you know. But I really hope the Heels win. Win or lose, remember, it’s early, so you never know.

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