Five Things UNC Must Improve on From 2012

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There are many avenues that lead to success for a football team. Some teams pride themselves on smash-mouth defense and power running. Other squads are run-and-gun types that light up the scoreboard like it’s the fourth of July. What’s most important for a team looking to make the leap from good to great is focusing on fixing specific weaknesses while having the ability to hang their hat on something. A team with no identity is a bad team indeed. UNC has five focal points this off-season to mend, but will need to remember what makes them tick—a spread offense that lights up the opposition’s defense.

1) UNC needs to improve its secondary consistency

The Tar Heels were abysmal in the “Points Against” category, giving up a head-scratching 25.7 points an outing. This placed Chapel Hill 53rd in the nation. This absolutely must change if the Tar Heels are going to make any sort of noise in 2013. Consistently, the greater chunk of these points against UNC were through the air. I can’t shake the frustration from watching the NC State game live—where it seemed like every time we scored, the Pack tossed touchdown after touchdown against us. To get where we need to go, the secondary must find cohesion and defensive pride.

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