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PJ Hairston: Nine Parking Tickets Connect Haydn Thomas to UNC

The issues for PJ Hairston continue to grow into a longer and longer list, and now it appears that list is beginning to grow even longer for the university itself. There is now evidence that links the gentleman who rented the vehicle driven by Hairston the night of is arrest last month to the Chapel Hill campus.

Four rental vehicles have now been connected to nine parking tickets on campus given by the UNC Department of Public Safety since February. All four vehicles were under Hadyn Thomas’ name. Thomas was the name under the rental agreement of the vehicle Hairston was driving the night of his June arrest.

According to USA Today Sports these vehicles/license plates have been cross referenced with vehicles given citations on campus:

  • A 2013 GMC Yukon rented by Thomas from Feb. 14 to March 3 received tickets for an expired meter on Feb. 21 and lack of a valid parking permit on Feb. 22.
  • A 2012 Camaro SS rented by Thomas from March 25 to April 15 received a ticket on April 15 for lack of a valid permit.
  • A 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe rented by Thomas from April 18 to May 2 received a ticket on May 1 for lack of a valid permit.The Camaro was rented again from April 25 to June 17 by Farrington. The Camaro received a parking ticket on May 28 for lack of a valid permit.
  • A 2013 Mercedes Benz 350 rented by Thomas from May 8 to May 30 received four parking tickets, one each for an expired meter on May 22 and 23 and one each for lacking a valid permit on May 23 and May 28.

The total amount of the fines that have gone unpaid totals up to $315. Between February and June, Thomas and Catinia Harrington have paid over fifteen thousand dollars in rented vehicles.

Thomas continues to deny that he knows Hairston personally, but evidence continues to show otherwise. He also denies that he is associated to the University of North Carolina in any way nor is he a booster. Thomas says he is also not a sports agent either.

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  • coachj

    While I understand that Coach Williams wants to give the legal process time to sort out and to get all the “facts” regarding PJ’s involvment, I believe there are enough “facts” to at the very least, provide for suspending Hairston until all of the facts warrant further action.

    It is incumbent upon Coach Williams to send a message to all current and potential future players that even the appearance of impropriety will be dealt with and that it is not acceptable at UNC.

    While PJ has not been convicted of anything, nor has evidence been provided to show a clear connection to receiving benefits, it is clear that Hairston, at the very least, made very poor choices in regards to who he surrounds himself with, communicates with, and in choosing to get behind the wheel of a car he does not own [not to mention speeding tickets and for getting arrested with dubious characters in the car]. That alone, without conviction or connection to NCAA issues, is a serious problem for this program. Even during this tumultuous time, PJ’s decision to party on the 4th of July, shows both a lack of maturity or intellect.

    While I do not expect Coach Williams to hand down a final punishment without the process playing out, I certainly do feel that suspending PJ now is absolutely the right message to send. Once we do learn of the facts, Coach Williams and UNC can determine whether PJ will resume his playing career or not at UNC.