May 5, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Indiana Pacers power forward Tyler Hansbrough (50) dunks against the New York Knicks during the second half of game one of the second round of the NBA Playoffs. Pacers won the game 102-95. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Pacers Revoke Tyler Hansbrough’s Contract Offer

Rumors about the future of Tyler Hansbrough have been running rapidly for the past few days. Hansbrough was given a decent offer from the Pacers on Monday, but news broke on Tuesday that he didn’t want it as he wants to go to a team who will use him as starter rather than a role player.

So the Pacers reaction? They rescinded his contract offer making him effectively immediately an unrestricted free agent. Of course that is hyperbole as it was the budget that forced the Indiana Pacers to change their opinion in this decision and not Hansbrough’s comments.

ESPN’s Marc Stein tweeted:

Pacers have agreed to rescind Tyler Hansbrough’s qualifying offer, I’m told, which immediately makes him unrestricted free agent

Hansbrough clearly doesn’t seem too bothered by this as he wants to go somewhere where he will be used more and as a starter.

The Pacers put a priority on David West and got just they wanted with that deal. That put a dent on the budget and forced the Pacers to retract the $4 million contract offer they originally had given to Hansbrough.

The popular opinion of the fans would be to see Hansbrough return to the North Carolina to play for the Charlotte Bobcats or the future Hornets. Can we just go ahead and start referring to them as the Hornets?

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  • Kuro1

    I have watched Tyler for his entire NBA career. While I have always enjoyed the way he has played, he has major deficiencies in his game. In comparison to other players he simply has not developed as much has he could have. It seems strange that he has whined about being a starter while clearly being second best at his position. He had his chance to work on his game and challenge D. West for the starting position, but he did not get it done. Maybe just my perspective, but why would someone rather start on a crap team that will loose more games that it wins rather than play on a championship contending team? Best wishes Tyler in your future endeavors.

    • HSB Don

      He’ll make more money with another team, for one thing. For another, he’ll get more playing time and have a chance to develop. You can’t do all your development during practice, or coming off the bench for 4 minutes.

  • david caoili

    Tyler is still one of the best Player I had ever seen in the NBA