Jun 18, 2013; Omaha, NE, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels pitcher Chris McCue (17) during their College World Series game against the LSU Tigers at TD Ameritrade Park. Mandatory Credit: Dave Weaver-USA Today Sports

UNC vs. NC State Game Thoughts

Regardless of what happens on Thursday, this Carolina team has been very fun to watch. It’s arguably the most dominant in the Coach Fox era. There may have been better players in the past, though this team packs a great mix of upperclassmen as well as younger players.

Skye Bolt stands out, and not just because his name is packed with awesomeness. He is a Freshman that has contributed mightily to this season. A season that currently sits at 58-11.

That’s a staggering record. With baseball, it’s a weird thing. You can break down the entire game to statistics. Batting averages. ERA. Slugging percentage (which when I was a kid, I thought that was how you measured how hard they hit the ball). Statistics don’t really do justice to how both clutch and anti-clutch this team can be, seemingly within seconds of each other. Yet they come through… at least 58 out of 69 times.

Just as important as whoever is going to be moving on to try to take two straight from UCLA is the next game. Because without beating State, there is no UCLA. No Championship Series. No Championship.

I feel like some State fans care only modestly that their team is in the College World Series. It seems to some, their championship game is on Thursday. Fair credit where credit is due, they played a dominant game a few days ago. Their pitching was rolling, the hitting was there, and they beat UNC.

Carolina can beat State. They have before. Will they? Statistically, I like their chances. But you never can tell with these two teams. A UNC blowout would surprise me. Same with a State blowout. My guess is it’ll be high drama. The kind of drama UNC fans have enjoyed all season. The kind of drama that has seemed to transcend sports when these two teams are involved. Again, historically, I like UNC’s chances.

With that said, and while I have your attention, Danny Green got fouled. Cheer for who you want. I’m good with Heat fans like I’m good with Spurs fans. But you let me do that to any jump shooter and I’m telling you I can stop just about anyone. Fouls are fouls no matter when they happen.

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