Is TD Ameritrade Park Too Deep?

With the College World Series well under away now, myself, and many others have noticed something. Something has been noticeably lacking in the College World Series, what has that been?

Home Runs

The same can be said for last years College World Series, and in 2011, when the championships were moved to TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Nebraska. So far in the College World Series this year, there was not a single home run in the opening 2 games. Since 2011, there have been no home runs hit to Center Field. There has been a ball bit to the warning track, but that was it. ESPN’s Mike Patrick mentioned this issue while broadcasting the Indiana-Louisville game. Patrick made himself clear that he thinks the outfield is to big. He seemed to be complaining about it, and it made no sense to him. I completely agree with him.

TD Ameritrade Park Dimensions

Left Field line- 335 feet
Center Field- 408 feet
Right Field Line- 335 feet

Those dimensions are bigger than 10 out of the 30 MLB stadiums. Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Citizens Bank Park (Phillies) Tropicana Field (Rays), and the Great American Ballpark (Reds) are some of them. I believe the dimensions of TD Ameritrade Park are perfectly fine for a MLB team. But not for the College World Series. For example, in College Basketball, the 3 point line is closer than it is in the NBA. The shot clock is also longer, college has a 35 second shot clock, compared to a 24 second clock for the NBA. It gives college players more time to get a shot off, but it also leads to a lot lower scoring games. Thats what a majority of CWS games have become, low scoring. Some people like lower scoring baseball games. It means that it is a good pitchers duel, and it makes ever run ever so important. But a majority of us like higher scoring games. We like to see a good amount of home runs hit on a consistent basis. That is not happening in the CWS this year. It might help the popularity of College Baseball if there were some more higher scoring games in the CWS. Considering that it might be the only NCAA baseball some people will watch all year long.

College Basketball has the 3 point line shorter than the NBA does. It makes it a lot easier for them, college athletes are not on the same level as NBA athletes, same with college baseball. Why should the college field be bigger than any MLB field? I think the NCAA should explore the possibility of playing the CWS on another field, if the Home run total does not increase.

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