If Tar Heels Trio Stays What Does That Mean For UNCs Chances of Landing Andrew Wiggins?

Andrew Wiggins isn’t saying much about which team he will choose orAndrew Wiggins isn’t saying much about which team he will choose or when he will make his decision leaving us all to wonder what will happen with the best prospect since LeBron James.   All the uncertainty leads to endless speculation about where the mind of Andrew Wiggins is at and what factors into his decision.  One thing I personally believe is legitimate in his decision making process is that Wiggins likely wants to know who he’s going to be playing with before he makes his final decision.

Roy Williams recently went on the radio and stated that he thinks the trio of James Michael McAdoo, Reggie Bullock and P.J. Hairston will return to Chapel Hill.   CBS Sports’ Jeff Goodman reported that Hairston was in fact coming back before he family refuted that a decision had been made.  Signs point to more staying than going this year for Carolina, so what does that mean for Wiggins.

The only logical conclusion I can draw from Wiggins waiting so long is that he wants to see who’s staying and who’s going.  The picture is a little more clear in Kentucky with Julius Randle recently committing to Lexington.  Now he needs to know what Kansas and Carolina will look like before he makes his final decision.

I’m not sure if Wiggins needs to see all three players come back in order to pick UNC, McAdoo’s decision probably means more than anything.  If all three come back it will be interesting to see what Roy does with the starting lineup.  So Roy thinks all three of his NBA prospects will be back next season, what does that mean for Andrew Wiggins?

Wiggins is still waiting with no indication of when he will announce his college decision.  At this point it’s anyone’s guess where Andrew will go but having a strong supporting cast is obviously something that can’t hurt with Wiggins who has mentioned winning a title as one of his primary goals in college.


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  • http://twitter.com/MSmith28463 Michael Smith

    if he is the best player since L James does it really matter whos staying at carolina he should be able to take the spot he wants

  • Andrew Poteat

    Now this is of course all speculation on my part, but Wiggins’ biggest concern is not going to be playing time, he will start anywhere he goes. I would imagine his concerns are centered around where he would get the most publicity to ensure he remains a household name and gets the number one overall draft pick. I am a Carolina fan so it may sound biased, however I believe that Carolina makes the most sense for him, albeit, by narrow margins.

    1. At Carolina, he would be the biggest name on the team for sure, which will be the case wherever he goes, but for example at Kentucky, I don’t think the talent gap between Wiggins, Randle, and the Harrison twins is quite as big as the media seems to think it is. I think Kentucky’s team will be so great that he may actually get lost a little bit in the mix.

    2. At Carolina, he would have several more prime time games hosted on national channels, like ESPN, including a minimum of 2 games with Duke, which with Wiggins at Carolina could be hyped up as Duke v. Carolina and Parker v. Wiggins, what NBA executive or scout wouldn’t change plans to watch that matchup? I live in Atlanta for example and I very rarely see Kentucky or Kansas games on national channels, but it seems to me like most of Carolina’s games are nationally televised.

    3. Lastly, it doesn’t really matter, he’s in a complete win-win situation. He could go to Kansas, Kentucky, Carolina, Florida State or heck, even Wichita State to play with his brother and he will have a great year, be drafted and start the part of his basketball playing career that he really wants to start. The fact that the NCAA is forcing this kid to play one year at college is absurd anyway, so to Andrew Wiggins, I say go wherever you want, have some fun and then go get paid kid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dereck.steele.7 Dereck Steele

    Well PJ just tweeted today he is staying……..