UNC Basketball Recruiting: Will Andrew Wiggins Wait Until the Final Day?

Andrew Wiggins. It’s the name of one kid that has consumed the concentration of four of the nation’s best basketball programs over the last several months. Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky and North Carolina have put all their efforts into recruiting the nation’s best player for the class of 2013. Yet, nobody has any idea where he will commit.

There is this mystery and obsession about Wiggins’ recruitment that has never been seen before. It’s become this obsession for the fans of these four schools. Forums and article commentts are going crazy about why fans think he will commit to their school. However, I wonder to myself why we’ve all become obsessed with his recruitment. Even I don’t understand why I am watching it closely other than, I want him to play for North Carolina.

The question truly shouldn’t be which school he will commit to anymore. It should be, when will he announce his decision. Wiggins has just over a month left before he must make his decision. The deadline is May 15th and it is fast approaching.

Wiggins has sent off signals that he was leaning towards Kentucky after his meeting with John Calipari. Wiggins has reportedly said he would commit to the loser of the UNC vs. Kansas game, which was North Carolina. Wiggins was said to commit to Florida State because of his family’s history with the school.

Nobody besides Wiggins, truly has the slightest idea of where he is thinking. At this point, it just seems that he will wait until the absolute last day he can to announce his decision.

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  • coachj

    As some have misunderstood, I start with this: If Wiggins decides to come to UNC, GREAT!

    However, should he not, we need to keep our wits about us and not go off the deep end like so many of you do, including the authors of this site. All season long I read how Roy was losing it, how he no longer can recruit, can no longer coach, no longer knows how to use his players, that he is far too loyal to seniors and won’t make the changes you all want. HOGWASH!

    And losing Wiggins is no excuse to start howling at the moon once again. Chances are strong he doesn’t sign here. Yet Coach Williams has managed not only to recruit another top 10 class this year, but also has lay the groundwork for a top 5 class the year after. Can’t recruit? What is wrong with you people???

    With the real possibility that all three NBA’ers actually stay at Chapel Hill, Coach Williams faces a significant challenge next season, even without Wiggins. Teams really cannot play 10 guys regular rotation minutes and be that successful. Certainly they cannot play 12. Doing such means that players will be in and out of the game far too often to get into any flow or continuity. It is all a nice idea that you can sub 5 and press and do things that depth allows, but the reality is, with 20 minute halves, a 8-9 man rotation, with 1-2 guys getting spot minutes in some games is the way it goes.

    The depth on this team will be staggering. Up front, you have three guys that will fight for minutes at Center [Meeks, James and Hubert]. At PF, you have McAdoo, Johnson, Hicks, Simmons, and Wiggins [who will play 4 at times]. How do you resolve trying to fit 8 guys into two positions?

    It doesn’t get any easier at the wing, with 5 guys for two positions if you don’t count Marcus Paige playing SG [which we all know will happen at times].

    The only thing we can count on is Page and Britt splitting time at the point.

    So even if Jackson Simmons redshirts, we have a huge numbers problem. So suggest that we don’t care if someone transfers – that competition is what it is and if you cannot hack it, then leave. I would suggest if that is the sort of mentality that permeates this program, our program will definitely be in jeopardy. Coaches cannot go out on the recruiting trail and be successful if the word on the street is that coach will tell you anything you want to hear, then under recruit you the next year and leave you out in the cold. Over the long term, you end up unable to recruit players that will remain loyal and develop over a 3-4 year career, relegating your program to one-and-done recruits only. Despite Calipari’s methods, I believe he will have far more seasons failing to live up to expectations than he will with seasons meeting or exceeding them.

    Frankly, Wiggins can come, but if he doesn’t, I sure hope that our team is full of guys that know how to work hard and earn minutes, knowing they will ultimately grow into great players as long as they have patience. We don’t need the Drew’s and Wear’s causing drama. We are a family and families don’t go out looking for someone better to replace you with.