UNC Basketball: That Time of Year Again

Okay, it’s that time again. The season has ended. Another banner doesn’t hang in the Dean Dome. There’s no going back. Now Tar Heel nation must take time to exhale and look back at what good transpired. Then, look back and try and figure out what can be worked on. I’ve got a suggestion. We fix the field goal percentage going forward.

Before anything, UNC must address a manageable sinkhole left by Dexter Strickland’s departure. There is also wide speculation that dunk-machine, James Michael McAdoo will likely make a jump to the NBA. P.J. Hairston and Reggie Bullock, in my humble opinion, will return to Chapel Hill next season. They both know another year of tutelage under Roy Williams will help them avoid NBA oblivion.

However, what’s the phrase? Hope for the best, plan for the worst? Let’s say all four leave and star recruit Andrew Wiggins doesn’t pick UNC. I know that’s a perfect storm scenario, but work with me here.

That would leave UNC’s Marcus Paige, Brice Johnson, and rising senior Leslie McDonald as the real contributors for offense this past season. It’s pretty bare bones I know, but I think UNC can build a somewhat workable offense on the backs of those three. Between the three of them, they average 20.8 points, 8 rebounds, and 6.1 assists. Overall, they’re fairly turnover free.

The thing about UNC is: UNC shoots a horrific field goal percentage—like, 111th in the nation bad. The team shoots 44% from the field. Two of the aforementioned three are no better. Paige and McDonald both shoot 35% while Johnson shoots a nod-worthy 51%.

The keys for next season are these: Will UNC shoot a higher percentage from the field and will rising sophomores J.P. Tokoto and Joel James grow into their hype surrounding them? If not, I predict Roy Williams will lose what’s left of the non-white hair on his head.

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