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UNC Recruiting: Fourth Plumlee on Duke's Radar

What’s up Tar Heel nation?  After the second Duke Carolina game, Duke losing in the ACC tournament, and UNC losing in the NCAA.  It is official that the Tar Heels will never have to face Seth Curry, Mason Plumlee, and Ryan Kelly EVER again.  There is still Marshall Plumlee and while he lives up to the name with his intense facial expressions he hasn’t gotten the minutes or performed to the level to actually scare the Carolina faithful.  As glad as I am to say that our run  with the Plumlee brothers is over, I was shocked when I found about their new freshman brother.  In Warsaw, Indiana, all the top coaches in America are gathering around to see one of the best big man in the class of 2016.  Most notably in the stands are Duke Coach Wojo and even COACH K.  Another Carolina villain, Coach Calipari, has even made appearances.  Tar Heel nation, meet Mutt Plumlee.

Standing 7’1 as a freshman it is easy to see why Mutt has attracted all of the nations top coaches to Indiana.  While Mutt still has a high school body, he is long and ties NC State commit BeeJay Anya with the longest wingspan as a high school recruit at 7’9.  The basketball Gods definitely gifted the Plumlee family with extremely tall sons.  Mutt has a lot of upside to his game, with his reach and size he has the skills to put the ball in the basket with ease, he also has a motor to succeed.   On the downside he can be soft, he’ll sometimes get pushed around by some of the best players in the country, this comes with being a freshman and that will improve.  Also like his brothers he has extremely humorous facial expressions when they play.  Mutt has all of the tools to be the next star of college basketball.  With a little toughening up this Plumlee can be the next national player of the year.

We shouldn’t panic yet Tar Heel nation, we can still avoid this storm heading to Durham.  Coach McGrath is scheduled to watch Mutt at his high schools open gym next week and evaluate his game.  We can still turn him against the blue devils and make him the rebel child that goes against the family tradition.  For more coverage of Mutt’s recruitment follow us at KeepingitHeel to get news on everything Tar Heel athletics.


Oh and by the way…….April Fools!

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  • coachj

    mutt = all plumlees

  • All Coug’d Up

    Good grief will they ever quit??? Plumlee nation

  • den rec

    Arnold Palmer had a younger brother. I believe his nick name was Bolo. Couldn’t golf a lick…

  • jessica oxendine

    As soon as I heard the name I knew it was a joke.

  • Guest

    guys..Mutt Plumlee isn’t even real, there’s a reason he put april fools at the bottom of the article

  • Matt

    Is this family from the 19 kids and counting show?