UNC Soccer: Eric O’Brien Commit Profile

Thus far here at Keeping it Heel we’ve taken a look at Colton Storm, Marco Sunol, and Warren Marshall, three of the recruits joining the Heels in 2013. Now we’ll look at Eric O’Brien, a young forward from Wilson, North Carolina. He plays presently with Hunt High School and with CASL, and has the potential to be a prolific scorer for the Heels in years to come.

Eric O’Brien plays with the Chelsea Youth Academy America team, an elite organization funded by London superclub Chelsea FC, but one which has yet to graduate anyone into any of the full Chelsea sides. CASL is a name likely to be familiar to fans, as it’s the club of Alex Olofson, who came in as a freshman last year and settled nicely into the squad.

It’s also the club which employed our head coach Carlos Somoano, and I speculate that his experience there has helped him to gather recruits to the side. No doubt the Olofson experience has been massively beneficial, despite young Alex being one of the less heralded recruits last year for the Heels. We’ll be hoping to see something similar from master O’Brien. He’s not the most celebrated of the freshmen coming into the team, but we’ll be hoping that he shows his caliber on the big stage when it counts.

There’s little to be known at present about O’Brien for all but the coaches, but he’s highly rated by every source available and is noted as a young scoring maven. Last summer he took the US Development Academy end of the year award for the southern conference, so he’s obviously a standout prospect.

This lack of available news suggests that O’Brien could have a lot more ability and potential than has been let on to this point, and I’m hoping that while he is an unknown quantity at this point, further inspection at the start of the season will reveal a scoring forward ready to take the reins from Andy Craven once he graduates or even to challenge for a spot in the team next year.



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