Addressing the Andrew Wiggins Recruiting Rumors

Andrew Wiggins the #1 rated prospect in all the land, the best prep prospect since the prep prospect of all prep prospects (say that three times I dare you) LeBron James.  Program changing ability, near certain one and done, destined to be the #1 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft and destined to take his talents to Chapel Hill and play for Roy Williams and the North Carolina Tar Heels.  Hint, everything in this paragraph has been 100% true except one, I’ll let you guess.

The rumors make sense, Kentucky has signed everyone on planet Earth and already have potentially the best recruiting class of all time AND they return a whole bunch of players they thought would go pro at one point.  Florida State is well Florida State, Wiggins says he wants to win a title and make a major impact, that’s not happening in Seminole land.  Kansas?  Were the Jayhawks who strolled far too late to call it fashionable ever actually in contention for Wiggins?  Probably not.

The latest rumor mill churned up some whispers that Wiggins had cut his list down to UNC and UK and this was before Julius Randle committed to Lexington and almost instantly people began connecting the imaginary dots (myself included).  Here’s the thing about Wiggins, he’s so close to the vest I really don’t see how or why a rumor this late in the game would have any credibility based on how the kid and those close to him have operated up until this point.  What this sounds like is typical connecting of imaginary dots that may or may not exist in the mind of the only person that matters Andrew Wiggins.

I’ll say this about the Wiggins situation, nobody and I mean nobody knows where the kid is going, if anyone does it’s his coach Rob Fulford, his parents and that’s it and those three aren’t letting the cat out of the bag.  Carolina has a good shot at him, they also had a good shot at Randle before he stunned everyone and cut them from his list, in recruiting you never know.  So before you start drawing up plays for 2013-14 season with Wiggins in Carolina blue understand that this could all be smoke with nothing other than speculation of bored minds lighting the fire.

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