UNC Basketball: One of These Things is Not Like the Others

UNC averages 77 points, 39.5 rebounds, and an impressive 17.4 assists per game. That puts the Tar Heels at 17th, 12th, and 2nd in the nation, respectfully. So how in the world does Chapel Hill have nine losses on its record—an agonizing six of which are ACC opponents? Oh, yeah: Field Goal Percentage.

UNC is ranked an embarrassing 120th in the nation in field goal percentage, shooting 44.3% from the field. Most Tar Heel fans know the boys in blue have missed a lot of shots this season but most have no idea it’s gotten this bad. It’s uglier than most people thought.

Anyone want to take some guesses on some of the teams ranked before the Tar Heels? We’ll just start with some acronyms to shorten the article: UC Davis, UCF, IUPUI, IPFW, UTEP, USC Upstate, and UNLV. No, these aren’t license plates. They’re teams ranked way ahead of UNC in field goal percentages. I also have to mention Mercer, Mount St. Mary’s, Presbyterian, Austin Peay, Iona, Pacific, and North Carolina Central here. That’s right. North Carolina Central has a better shooting percentage than the Tar Heels.

I hope that’s all the embarrassment I have to inflict to get the point across. Chapel Hill will lose quickly and badly if they don’t start taking better shots. That doesn’t mean take more shots. That means take better shots as a result of either running the offense or hitting the fast break.

UNC has a habit this season of doing three things on offense: Forcing a fast break that isn’t there, dribbling the shot clock down to an ill-advised three, or missing bunnies by the rim. All three of these lead to the Tar Heels’ terrible field goal percentage this season. All three of them need to get cleaned up too. Or UNC will be sitting at home the first week of March watching from Roy’s house.

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