UNC Basketball: Can I Get a Three?

The Tar Heels have struggled this season in three pointers. It’s no surprise to fans who have watch UNC throughout the year. They’re ranked 59th in the nation in three point percentage, and take away Reggie Bullock, Chapel Hill would be even further in a hole. Now would be a perfect time for UNC to get a hot hand.

The scouting report has long been out on UNC: Push James Michael McAdoo away from the bucket and don’t get beat on fast breaks. Teams that have had success in both facets of that plan have fared extremely well against Roy and the boys. JMM has struggled in each of the Tar Heels’ losses this season. You know what that should tell Chapel Hill fans? Nobody’s stepping up.

If the focus is on shutting down McAdoo on offense, it’s important to free him up. How do the Tar Heels do that? They hit threes. However, the land from behind the arc has been experiencing a drought.

Junior guard, Reggie Bullock has done everything he can this season to carry UNC from behind the three-point line. He’s shooting an impressive 44.2% from there and hitting the big shots when the Tar Heels need them the most. He can’t do it all though. Someone else needs to step up.

Dexter Strickland is an abysmal 19%, while J.P. Tokoto has brought little support with his measly 9.1% from three. Strickland is just 4 for 21. Tokoto is 1 for 11.

Some other players have higher numbers but just aren’t contributing enough. Marcus Paige has a more middle of the road number at 32.7% three point percentage. However, he’s only 36 for 110. Leslie McDonald has a 37% in his belt but has only hit 37 out of 100 attempts. The point is Reggie Bullock has hit 76 three pointers this season. That’s more than double Paige or McDonald’s numbers. The amount of production has not been enough from the rest of the team—and until they pick that up, McAdoo will be the focus of the opposition’s defense and UNC will sputter.

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  • Timothy Jhill

    did every one forget that carolina lost 4 players from last years team,and three could have stayed but turned pro.teams like dook there players are never good enough to turn pro, theres nothing wrong with carolina, they just lost 4 first round picks to the pros,lets see how dook does next year without curry mason and kelly, there gonna get there butts beat every other game, put it in stone!!!

  • Dereck Steele

    not sure what the point below really has to do with the above article, but the problem really started last season with recruiting for this year! Roy and anybody with a brain had to know that Henson and Barnes were going to go pro and of course Z how was the priority in recruiting not getting a HIGH level big man as well as a PG which he did do with Paige for this season? It didn’t really have to be a “center” coulda just been a big PF that can atleast play in the post. I knew right away this season would be really odd and up and down b/c of the recruits that were coming in to fill the posts voids. Seems like Roy’s priority would have been go really hard aft a big man and i think this season could have been very different. Look how his targets for 2014 are mostly perimeter guys…y b/c thats what the team will be lacking. Hopefully the one big man (Okafor) that has an offer comes but unlikely. Now you’re stuck hoping Hubert stops looking scared and Joel James becomes a force and the freshmen bigs Meeks/Hicks are ready right away!