UNC Basketball: Should UNC Storm the Court Wednesday?

This year in college basketball there has been no true powerhouse. Top-ranked teams seem to fall every week. Therefore there has been a lot of court-storming this season. In a recent loss to Virginia, Duke head coach, Mike Krzyzewski, expressed his dismay of the act. There are times to celebrate mid-court and there are times not to. I thought that there should be some sort of “Court Storming Etiquette” put into place to be able to decide if storming the court is the right thing to do.

The only problem I have with Coach K’s complaint is that Duke has brought it upon themselves. They are reaping the negative effects of being a college basketball big shot every year. No, they do not storm the floor when they have a huge win but they play many teams that have never had a huge win. A win against Duke at any point in the season is a big win. Step up to the plate Duke and handle your losses. Duke should expect a team to rush the floor after beating them. If anything, they should consider it an honor. No one rushes the floor after beating Boston College.

UNC will play Duke on Wednesday night and if they win, every college student there will have to ask themselves, “Should I storm the court?” Just about every other team that has won against Duke has stormed the court. The difference with the Tar Heels is that UNC fans expect to win. They’ve beaten Duke before. Despite the flow chart saying in this article that UNC fans should storm the court, they won’t.  They have class. Even if the game goes into overtime or P.J. Hairston hits a game winning 3-pointer from 30 feet out, Tar Heel faithful will clap and cheer from their seats. At worst, there will be a storming of Franklin Street soon after the game.

Although we will not see the fans at the Dean Dome rush the court (in a win or a loss) the flow chart still provides a good guideline for college students across the nation. Coach K did make a good point that the losing team’s safety must be taken into account. Done correctly, storming the court can be  huge confidence booster to the team and to the entire college campus.




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