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College Basketball Coaches Should Look in the Mirror

Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim after losing to Marquette Monday night told a reporter “you should try coaching because that what he believes you are (Detroit Free Press)” because the young reporter asked him a legitimate question about how injured player Dajuan Coleman could have impacted the game defensively.  He went on to say “Any more coaches here?” he went on to ask the room. “Want to ask another coaching question? I’d be happy to take it. I’ve only been doing this 37 years, I’m sure you’ve got more ideas of who we should play or we shouldn’t play or who should lead? What do I know?” Boeheim who like many coaches questions player’s heart, judgment and commitment to their team while making millions of dollars should exhibit a little more humility.

Jim Boeheim is joining the ACC and I for one will excited even when he visits Cameron Indoor or an NC State fan when he travels to PNC arena and suffers a big loss.  If you have followed me on twitter you will know this is no laughing matter.  Boeheim like many coaches believe they are untouchable that their logic should never be questioned and no petty fan or reporter is knowledgeable about the game of basketball.

Boeheim is not alone in this world of college basketball coaching superiority.  Roy Williams can be just as trivial to fans who call into his show which is now why the calls are screened ahead of time.  Williams once said “I have more desire in my little finger than all of the dadgum Carolina fans in the world.”

Society is to blame for quotes like this and that Jim Boeheim can continually comment disrespectfully toward members of the press. These coaches are treated in iconic fashion at their institutions allowing them to push the limits that no one else can.  If one of their players spoke to the press as Jim Boeheim has recently done, do you think they would allow it?

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