Michael Jordan Blocking Isaiah Thomas From the Dream Team was the Right Move

Today Keeping It Heel is celebrating Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday with a series of articles dedicated to the greatest basketball player ever.  We will be publishing these articles all day long so make sure you drop back in and see what MJ goodies we have for you all throughout the day.  

Way back in 1992 when the original and only real Dream Team was assembled, one of the best point guards in the NBA was left off in Detroit Pistons Isiah Thomas.  Thomas had a heated rivalry with many players on the team, most notably, Michael Jordan, the king of game.  When Isiah was left off the team, even though his coach Chuck Daly was the head coach of the team, suspicions grew that Jordan was the reason Thomas stayed home while Team USA went after Gold in Barcelona.


Only recently as Jordan who always denied to notion that he had anything to do with the situation, acknowledged that he was in fact apart of leaving him off the team.  In fact, Jordan flat out stated that was made clear to him before he agreed to participate.  MJ was the hardest one to get for commissioner David Stern, he was also the most important and by far the best player in the world.  USA Basketball needed Michael Jordan, they didn’t need Isiah Thomas, so that was that.

Isiah Thomas was a dirty player, he didn’t play the game with the type of integrity and respect that Jordan and the rest of the Hall of Famers assembled on the Dream Team did.  Sure, Isiah had a pretty good relationship with Magic Johnson, but who didn’t?  Isiah was dirty, he was the ringleader of the Detroit Pistons “Bad Boy” team.  He was the guy that told Dennis Rodman and Bill Lambier who to take out and when.  He’s the guy that led the Pistons team off the court when Jordan’s Bulls defeated them in 1991.

Thomas was a dirty player and a sore loser with a bad personality.  Since his retirement his awfulness as both a human being and a basketball personality have shined through even clearer for us all to see now that he’s not dribbling a basketball to distract us.  Jordan has received a lot of post career criticism for many reasons, a lot point to his arrogance.

Jordan was humble enough at the time not to twist the knife into Isiah by coming out and saying that he was a major factor behind him being left off the team, something that I’m sure would have been satisfying to Michael.  He waited until ESPN did a documentary on the Dream Team to come right out and admit it.

I’m the type of guy that loves NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, I like justice, I want to see criminals go to jail, I also like it when complete jerks get it in the end.  Isiah Thomas was and is a jerk, I for one and glad that when he looks back at 1992, he doesn’t remember the greatest experience of his life, he can’t remember playing for the greatest team ever assembled.  But he can remember sitting at home being upset about it, and now, finally, he knows that his arch rival, Michael Jordan was the catalyst behind it, good job Michael, this feels pretty good right now.

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