Michael Jordan at 50: The Shot that Started it All

Michael Jordan himself calls his game winning shot against Georgetown in 1982 “the shot that put him on the map”.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 31 years since that shot that put the greatest basketball player of all time on the map.  Even harder to believe that Jordan is now 50 years old.  It wasn’t just about the shot though, it was about UNCs first national title since 1957.  It was the legendary Hall of Fame Dean Smith’s first title as head coach.  No matter how strongly you feel about any team how can you beat the team from 82?

Jordan, Perkins, Worthy…you kidding me?  Michael Jordan’s first big time game winning shot…again you kidding me?  Our beloved Dean Smith cutting down those nets for the fist time.  I’m not even going to say it again.  This was one of if not the special nights in Carolina basketball history.  And it was the night that a skinny freshman from Laney High School became Michael Jordan a night that put him on course to become Michael “Air” Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time.

I like to think that of all the game winning shots Michael hit during his illustrious career, the shot he hit for the Tar Heels sparked his confidence to attempt all the rest without any fear.  The thing that sums it up for me the most is when I hung a picture in my basement of Jordan, a colleague of his career and my wife said to me, Jordan played for UNC?  I said yeah that’s him hitting the game winning shot in the 82 title game, her response, of course he hit the game winning shot.

Relive the complete game here

Here’s “The Shot” Again for you

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