Andrew Wiggins’ High School Coach Confirms #1 Prep Player Wants to Visit UNC on March 9th

Ben Williams of Keeping It Heel has confirmed with the rumor we previously posted that Andrew Wiggins is targeting March 9th for a visit to Chapel Hill via his high school coach Rob Fulford.  That date is significant in many ways for North Carolina as it marks the season finale for the Tar Heels and a home match up with arch rival Duke.   The problem with this visit date becoming official is that Wiggins has a game that day with a TBA game time.  The Tar Heels play at 9pm est.

Andrew Wiggins the #1 prep player in the world is considering UNC along with Kentucky, Florida State and Kansas.  He plans on making his visits in March and will likely sign sometime between late March and April.

Getting Wiggins on campus for the Duke game would be huge for Carolina who desperately need a player with his skill set.  Getting him on campus period is a victory alone but there is no denying the Duke game provides a significant boost in atmosphere that cannot be replaced otherwise.

This goes without saying but I’m going to say it anyway.  If this visit does happen, Tar Heel Nation needs to show Wiggins more “love” than they ever have for a prospective recruit.  Joel Berry heard his name chanted several times, I would go as far as to say that the Wiggins chant should start before tip off and not stop until the game is over.




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  • Mattie Bingham Hamilton

    would love to have wiggins.not sure about this one.

  • coachj

    why do you keep pressing this idea that UNC “desperately” needs anyone? I don’t agree with that sentiment and it only wells up this idea that something is wrong if UNC doesn’t land Wiggins or any other recruit. As I see it, despite the struggles this season, UNC is poised for dominance over the next 3 years, as they have quality players who will eventually develop past their freshman issues. Why do you insist that UNC needs these one-and-done guys? They don’t. They need talent that plans on staying for 3 years minimum, so that we have a continuum of upperclassmen that can carry the load for us. Our current problem is that we do not have those juniors and seniors who are all-america types because we recruit guys that plan to leave before they get to that level. We need guys that will develop to that level. Guys like Paige, Johnson, Tokoto, and James will all be 3-4 year guys and I would bet that at least 2 of them will be all-america candidates before their careers end.