A Tar Heel Is Playing in the Super Bowl - Baltimore Raven's Michael McAdoo

As I was pondering who will win this year’s Super Bowl, I thought, “How many former Tar Heels are playing in the game today?” Low and behold, I found one and his name is Michael “Mike” McAdoo. Mike McAdoo wears No. 54 for the Baltimore Ravens. He is a 6’7″ 245 pound, defensive end from Antioch, Tennessee who attended the University of North Carolina. McAdoo was an undrafted free agent signed by the Ravens in 2011. On Feb. 3rd, 2013, he will be one of 53 players on the Ravens’ roster vying for a chance to win a second Super Bowl in the history of their franchise.

McAdoo spent his rookie season on the injured reserve (IR) list due to a knee injury. Baltimore Ravens’ head coach, John Harbaugh, chose to stick with McAdoo based on his upside and skill level. While attending Carolina, McAdoo did not play during the 2010 season due to being ruled ineligible. This is not the focus of this column. To be honest, my grades were not the best while attending North Carolina, but this does not define who I am or my entire life. My focus is to lift this young man up, and praise him for his hard work. McAdoo beat the odds. He is like the Tupac Shakur poem, “The Rose That Grew From Concrete.” Here is an excerpt from the poem that makes me think about McAdoo’s rise to the NFL:

“Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature’s laws wrong, it learned to walk without having feet. Funny, it seems to by keeping it’s dreams; it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared.”

No matter what people thought, McAdoo fought hard to make it to the NFL. Nothing is given to you, when pursuing an NFL career. Either you go strong, or you go home. It’s do or die on a daily basis. This is what McAdoo had to McAdoo (sorry, I had to McAdoo it). Hard work pays off, and hopefully, tomorrow McAdoo and the rest of the Ravens’ roster will reap the reward of a hoisting up a Super Bowl trophy at the end of the championship game.

I am unaware as to whether Mike McAdoo and current UNC power forward, James Michael McAdoo, are related. This remains to be seen. I will say that both of them favor, but that doesn’t mean anything. Allegedly, I look like everybody’s cousin on their mother’s side, once-removed, or someone’s cousin.

You can reach Mike McAdoo on twitter at @Macmane94. Congratulate him, and wish him and the rest of the team well. You can pull for whichever team you want, but this Tar Heel gives me another reason to go for the Baltimore Ravens, in addition to O.J. Brigance, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Torrey Smith, Jonathan Ogden, Vonta Leach (hails from Lumberton, North Carolina which is close to my hometown, Fayetteville, North Carolina) and the rest of the hardest working team in the NFL. Baltimore Ravens, get in the beast mode!

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