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UNC Basketball: Reggie Bullock is Coming into His Own

When Reggie Bullock came to North Carolina three years ago, he was a highly touted wing player with a great jump shot. Unfortunately for him, when he came to Chapel Hill, he was really an after thought after fellow recruits Harrison Barnes and Kendall Marshall. Now, in his junior season, Reggie is in the forefront and is looked to to be the guy who can come out every night and lead his team to victory. I’m happy to say, that Reggie certainly has taken this role in full stride.

Saturday against Maryland, was the best I’ve ever seen Reggie play basketball. I’ve seen great performances before and he even went through a cold spell through most of the second half, but all in all, this game was his finest hour in a Tar Heel uniform. He came out hot and made smart choices on the floor and reaped the rewards for it. His 21 first half points was more than the total for the entire Maryland team (20).

It’s fun to see Reggie having so much success on the floor. He genuinely looks like he’s really enjoying himself. He went through all those knee issues as a freshman and played the role of a substitute as a sophomore. Now he’s the lead guy, a starter logging major minutes and looked at to make major shots, but with Reggie, it’s just about playing basketball.

Bullock has been so key for Carolina over the course of the season and the player he’s really evolving into has been more than anyone really ever anticipated, much less expected. He’s certainly making a name for himself around the ACC and will more than likely grab some sort of All-Conference honor at the end of the year. While being an ACC stand out is a nice recognition for the hard work you’ve put in as a player to improve your game on the floor, Reggie will be the first to tell you that his drive and motivation comes from more of a higher purpose. He wants his team to win.

Reggie’s success is certainly a big headline for the Heels at this point in the year, but it shouldn’t come to much of a surprise for us that watch. Anyone who has played with Reggie over the years or even watched him closely, knew that Reggie was a great basketball player and it was only a matter of time before he unveiled his full potential. While I love what I’ve seen from him, I’m counting on this being merely another stepping stone to an even higher level to Bullock’s game and that we will continue to see him transform into a star.

If UNC plans on making any noise come March this season, Reggie’s growth and success will undoubtedly be something they will count on.

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  • twitbeast

    The team has been lacking a go-to player and leader, and it’s great to see Reggie stepping up to fulfill that role.

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      he made an effort to get the ball to the basket against Maryland which in my mind was the most encouraging sign

      • Horran Cameron

        If he keeps playing like this, Carolina will be hard to beat.

      • bogus

        Reggie has been showing this potential since he was a freshman at Kinston High. Reggie has always been a great shooter who is too unselfish at times. He’s a good really good rebounder, passer and plays good defense. His only knock is that he doesn’t really create shots for himself or others off the dribble. As long as the big men keep setting good picks and he keeps shooting he’ll be fine. If he ever gets some wiggle and bounce to his game he’ll be a sure fire first round pick and not a borderline first to early second round pick. UNC needs Reggie and PJ to be aggressive and stay aggressive.

  • Torryhe Cook

    but is this performance sustainable? I don’t think so. Reggie is clearly the person that can be the most consistent concerning effort wise,but I like this team BC each player is maturing and becoming a threat in there own right.This team is starting to remind me of the dean smith teams. Anyone can give it to you any night. Pj, mcadoo, Strickland, reggie, and Paige’s game is coming. You heard it here first!

  • Horran Cameron

    This column is spot on! He is just scratching the surface. A few years ago, I actually told my father that Reggie was a better shooter than Harrison. In addition, I recall one of the KIH writers who wrote a piece about Reggie Bullock being the man this season. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…